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Shopping for change

My husband and I walk to the local Farmer’s Market every Sunday morning. My role in this ritual is to stand around, drink coffee, and display the pug while my husband buys produce that he will eventually prepare. This gives me time to watch people.  Although there are shoppers of all ages in the early […]

Tales from the office

Jim Jim wasn’t the typical “Chelsea Boy” — a somewhat disparaging moniker given to gay, muscle-bound, intellectually-challenged men living in the west-side Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. He was sure trying, however. He had lost fifty pounds over the last two years, accomplished at the expense of sagging skin trying in vain to conform to his […]

Life and death in the long tail of music

One of my favorite pastimes is shopping for and collecting vinyl records. Old recordings, new recordings, hard-to-find recordings, you name it. If it’s an album that I like, or has a song that I like a lot, I need it on vinyl. It’s an odd obsession, perhaps. Odd because it is neither logical nor practical […]

I just flew in from the coast

If we are truly waging a War on Terror, why are airline passengers called upon to be human shields? This weekend I had to fly across the country on a family matter. Security lines, surprisingly, weren’t that bad. I think last week’s foiled terrorist plot had something to do with my delay getting out of […]

Burn this post, part two

From Part one: … recognizing the incompleteness of the archive drives home the point that our access to past lives is characterized by contingency as much as it is shaped by historical actors who carefully preserved themselves the way they wanted to be remembered. What blend of emotions, after all, caused Ruth or Joel Barlow to keep […]

The Archers

Unlike our mothers, our generation of potential soap-opera audiences is probably watching reality TV or CSI Investigates. However, there is one drama to which I’m totally addicted, along with millions of college-educated, middle class Britons: The Archers. In its infinite wisdom, the BBC launched what is now the longest-running soap opera in the history of […]

In the same danger with himselfe

It’s a subject that makes even my friends nervous. I’ve learned not to talk about it in polite company, never sure someone won’t react badly — and fairly sure most people whose circles I run in will lose respect for me, maybe even think I’m a bit nuts. I want a gun. Actually, two guns: […]

The last resort

To anyone who occasionally reads the paper, it’s common knowledge that we live in an aging society. Certainly plenty of politicians find it beneficial to remind us of the oncoming deluge of retiring Baby Boomers destined to “bankrupt Social Security.” The other side of the coin, however, is that more Americans are wealthier than ever […]

The story of my experiments with nicotine

Close, but no clove: I’d always been taught that smoking was wrong. Not just bad for your health, as they told us in health class with the help of graphic images of clogged and cancerous lungs and people breathing through tubes in their throats. No, actually wrong, the kind of thing that could put you […]

Disaparrishing act

Friends, neighbors, readers. Others. I have news. After seven months of the most delightful, satisfying blogging of my life (Blogito, ergo sum), I must take a hiatus. My current book project demands my full attention — nay, my very soul! I am on an unyielding deadline and have no more time for trifles like baring […]