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Looking good

I want to think for a few minutes about a truism of sorts that I recently noticed, something that maybe you consider old news but that’s nevertheless interesting to me right now. I was rereading some old entries from my personal blog that used to be at this URL. Public utterances — at least in […]

Make way for the sexy librarians

Laura Veirs @ Mercury Lounge, 5/15/06 Johanna Kunin @ Parkside Lounge, 5/17/06 Last Monday at Mercury, crouching behind her merchandise counter, Laura Veirs scribbled something in her diary before standing up to sell me some CDs. My rule of thumb: if I hit a show for someone on my iPod whose record I don’t actually […]

And a cuddly toy!

The 1970s was a golden decade for TV in Britain. We were dazzled by the glamour of imports such as Starsky and Hutch and The Streets of San Francisco. (And I mean dazzled.) We also reveled in homegrown offerings from game shows to soap operas to police and hospital dramas. The Generation Game was a […]

Dear Cedric

Dear Cedric, I feel so revitalized after a colonic. Why is that? Tom C. Dear Tom, Sucker! That feeling of revitalization is called a placebo effect. How much money are you paying for that colonic? $100? Instead, why don’t you take that money, buy some Metamucil, and use the change to wipe your sorry ass? […]

Hanks for the memories

About a year and a half ago, a friend of mine went on vacation with her husband and family. They stayed at a beachfront hotel, where they spent several pleasant afternoons strolling along the shore, ocean kayaking and enjoying beachfront dining. One morning, my friend asked her husband to walk down to a seaside cafe […]

Mary Shelley, Morrissey, and me

A few years ago I received an email from someone in Ireland asking if I was the same Bryan Waterman who had, in the mid-1980s, published a certain poem in one of those vanity volumes of the American Poetry Anthology. Alas, I was. As a teenager who dreamed of one day gaining fame and immortality […]

The big(!), beautiful(?) art market

$300,000 for a shallow metal box? The mind reeled. But then auctioneer Christopher Burge knocked it down to a phone bidder for $450,000 ($531,200 with the auction-house premium), and the art world snapped back into focus. That’s from the first paragraph of last week’s Art Market Watch on, reporting on the results of the […]

Unite and take over

From the picture on the inside cover of Human Television’s debut full-length album, Look at Who You’re Talking To, it’s apparent who we’re dealing with. These are just a few young dudes who are hanging out, playing music, and happen to *love* the sound of reverb. While it may be obvious to compare them to […]

Dry cleaning Rashomon

One bright spring morning, I decided to go to the dry cleaners. This was a singular event, considering I carry around at least a quarter of my wardrobe at any given time in a brown paper bag in my trunk. I dressed faster than usual that day, had a few extra minutes and was feeling […]

Under the tape

I remember the first crime scene photo I saw. It was a 4″ x 6″, the kind of glossy photo you pick up from the drug store after dropping your film off the day before. It was shot with a regular camera and regular film, because that’s all the detective had in his car. The […]