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If memory serves…

I’m interested in how and why our memories visit us—and in the many cues, visual or otherwise, that help us remember. Photographs are especially interesting (and obvious) memory cues: after all, in their uncompromising and authoritative retelling of the past, they are completely unlike memories, which are shaky, uncertain. Photographs exist to tell us, “No, […]


I intended to write something (ostensibly) clever and introspective about my work life this week, but Bryan Waterman’s post about his grandmother got me to thinking. My dearly beloved grandmother – the classic cookie-baking, big-breasted, hugging kind of grandma – died about three years ago. She was my mother’s mother, and I loved her more […]

Holiday post

The Polish Boy Scouts say: Have a great Memorial Day!


I spent the better part of last week in northern Arizona for my grandmother’s funeral. I have a batch of freaky hometown photos for TGW, but I’m having technical difficulties getting them up on the site this morning, so I’m just going to post a couple excerpts from the life sketch my father gave at […]

Roses are red, aphids are dead

I smear the grainy brown bits and blood across my fingers and gloat like a comic book hero: “Die you filthy vermin; you think you have the evolutionary advantage but you are vanquished, you are nothing, I kill you.” I cease my pinching and crushing and wave a turquoise bottle triumphantly. “Nothing like the smell of Napalm […]

Dear Cedric

Dear Cedric, I’m fat! I’m fed up with diet and exercise. What can I do? Britney S. Dear Britney, Please don’t use the “F” word. It hurts my ears. That’s because, in the medical lexicon, “fat” doesn’t exist. Only bullies would use such a hateful word. In medicine we prefer the sterile scientific term: obese. […]

Protected: Be-cow’s I’m ever so bewildered

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Encore, no more

I’ve had it with encores. I can see maybe one. ONE. But four? Seriously? Jeff Tweedy, I love you so much and still, I felt like you ruined your show with too many encores. End the show with your cute kid playing drums, go towel down your face, drink some water, and treat us to […]

The lüv that dare not speak its name

“I found the simple life ain’t so simple.” — D.L. Roth I left work a little early to insure that I’d make it home before my wife; I had something coming in the mail that was part of my secret life. Steph is understanding enough, and quite respectful of my privacy, but even after being […]

Pop goes the culture

A sampling of current pop culture controversies, with commentary. 1. David Blaine: Latter-day Houdini, or half-drowned dud? What can I say – I got a kick out of seeing wrinkly David Blaine floating around in that sphere. A week with no food! Hands all raisiny! Seven minutes holding his breath underwater! A voluntarily-worn catheter! This […]