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A little more fiction

The hitter It was the bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded when Eddy stepped to the plate. He couldn’t believe this moment had really come – the perfect moment, the perfect baseball cliché. The game was on the line, heroics were in order. And he was ready – never been readier – to […]

Best things this week

Sorry for the grab-bag format, folks, but it’s late and I have a terrible sunburn from gardening all day. (I know, cry me a river, right? Boo-hoo, suburban academic on summer break!) These are some of the things that have delighted me recently: 1. Simon Reynolds interviews Greil Marcus for the Los Angeles Review of […]

Memorial Day 2012 Mixmas

I know the holiday is still a week away. But this is my agreed-on blog day this month. So, I guess this gives y'all an advance week to figure out your favorite songs before the barbecues start. Fwiw, this a great mix of songs. The point of gathering songs for this mix is to help […]

Thursday playlist: latest online enthusiasms

Oh, this video is really good! (thank you Bryan Waterman for the link–our BW who has a fun tumblr blog now): buying cigars online [youtube][/youtube] If that wasn't your moment of bliss for the day, and you can stop yourself from replaying it, I recommend following this link to a tumblr page called Shallow Rewards […]

How to tell a story, or not to tell a story

Yesterday I went to a not-so-good play that was, somewhat incidentally, about a novelist who has run out of novel and realizes the most interesting thing she has to write about is her own life. (This ruins everybody’s life, because it’s one of those plays. The guy who wrote it also wrote tv weepie Brothers […]

The Story of 420

As today is 4/20, I decided that I either need to write about Adolf Hitler, as today is his birthday, or marijuana. Other than being the number one, all-time most wanted target in time-travel related murders, I don’t know a whole lot about Adolf Hitler. I think I got Mein Kampf out of the library […]

All Together Now

Last night the hubs and I took a brief respite from our ongoing 30-Rock marathon to watch “Commune”, a 2005 documentary about Black Bear Ranch, a commune that was started in the late-60’s in Northern California. [youtube][/youtube] While the film touches on the political and social upheaval of the time, most of the focus is […]

“See you soon!”

It is probably strange to do this in semi-public blogspace. R and I met in 1992, my sophomore year of college. I am writing a little remembrance knowing that he will soon be gone. We haven’t stayed close the last five years or so, and this isn’t meant to elicit an outpouring of sympathy, but […]

A process, an end, a beginning

The college search and decision process represents, for some kids, a significant threshold. They begin to move from the present emotion of adolescence to the future rationale of adulthood. They have to consider their own identity in an attempt to find a cultural and academic match. They must take a sobering account of their performance and […]

Thursday playlist: TV and Music we're digging lately

A few of our favorite things: 1.) Adventure Time. It's now in its 3rd season on Cartoon Network. There's a little 7 year old we know who started watching it recently. And suddenly his parents were as eager as he was to catch up on all the old episodes. A lovely 21 year old house […]