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Quick storm

The Chisos Mountains seen from Terlingua.

Still rapturous after all these years

Marfa, my dear:

“I felt …”: Thoughts on Richard Serra and #SerraQatar

Photos by Molly Waterman If you follow me on Instagram you already got an eyefull of our trip to Doha a couple weeks ago. We were there, basically, to see a whole lot of Richard Serra, which we did over three days. I wrote a piece about it for Hyperallergic, which they posted last week. […]

Beirut notebook

This clip contains one of my earliest media memories of international politics. I remember the hostage crisis in Iran just a few years earlier than this, and I seem to have some vague memory of soldiers kissing the ground on their arrival back from Vietnam, a few years before that. I remember talk, at least, […]

Advice upon arriving in Beijing

Cleaning out some files in the garage, I came across this letter. I must have written it not long after arriving in Beijing via the trans-Siberian railway in June of 1989, expecting that my friends would be coming soon after. It appears here mildly edited. Dear J & M – Important Beijing things that Lonely […]

The expat’s return: Top and bottom 10

After returning to New York from almost a year in Abu Dhabi, it’s hard not to assess differences. Some things are an equal trade: spectacular blue skies and clouds in New York for equally spectacular pink skies and the enormous desert sun in the UAE. But cultural differences are trickier to parse. The other day, […]

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

I don’t know if it’s as simple as being back in New York after the better part of a year away, but for whatever reason I woke up this morning with Rodgers and Hart on the brain. I know I’ve evangelized their cinema showcase Words and Music (1948) for years, and have probably already subjected […]

Istanbul advice

The best piece of advice we got on visiting Istanbul was to approach the Blue Mosque from the Hippodrome. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We found a lovely apartment for the week on or something similar. It was spacious, homey, with the feel of an old New York apartment building. Radiators, wide-plank wood […]

Monday photo: From the top of Jebel Hafeet

We made a quick trip over the weekend to Al Ain, an oasis town on the UAE/Oman border. We stayed at a hotel perched atop Jebel Hafeet, the highest mountain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The view was pretty spectacular, as was the drive to the top — though we didn’t scale it quite […]

Stumbling into someone else’s ladies bar

The first night in Mumbai ended with a police shakedown outside some tacky club in Colaba, the old colonial center stuffed with Victorian mansions, boutique and luxury hotels, the Gateway to India, a Starbucks flanked by airport-style metal detectors, and throngs of young beggars who slapped bracelets of fresh flowers on our wrists and led […]