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Mixmas: favorite songs of 2009

Here we go again. Thank you Rachel for kicking off the TGW best-of season with such a great mix. These here are not the songs that got played most, that framework is finished (with a five year old in the house, that would mean way too much Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and the Monster Mash). […]

Thursday Playlist: Songs for late summer nights

Although the calender-makers may quibble, summer feels like it has arrived. And so the time has come for this: the third and final installment of our Thursday playlist project. It's been fun crafting our most-played songs into a few themed mixes. Today's installment is the best of them. And it is a lovely gift to […]

Bonus playlist Wednesday: soul food edition

Remember the theme mix? Used to be something you crafted over days or even weeks, linking up lyrical motifs and musical patterns into a coherent whole that explored an idea or told a story. Searchable databases have changed all that. Now I can type any word into iTunes—say, “book”—and get a perfectly bookish playlist that […]

Stella’s 10 @ 10

Imagine, it’s 1977 and Stella looks back on her first decade of music appreciation.  Once she moved past “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Away in a Manger,” she was ready for the popular music all the kids were enjoying, served up on a weekly basis by Top of the Pops. Stella was swept up in […]

Thursday playlist: Meta

A list of lists: Leftob has an audio stream of really nice minimal/ambient stuff from all over the web. Music to Play in the Dark is a lovely podcast of dark ambient and other experimental stuff. This is a thread on the discussion board where various monome artists give the coordinates of their soundcloud […]

Thursday playlist: A bit of everything, except red meat

So since I've only been posting a lot of music here on Thursdays, my playlist today is a series of other things I've been “diggin” lately. And I suppose some music. Here follows a rather personal peak into some of my recent pleasures. Be kind. Shows: Top Chef (Season 5) – Nothing to say, it […]

Thursday Playlist: Sunday Morning Mix

Sunday mornings are lovely, no? Around these parts, there are few things that we enjoy early on a Sunday more than than a hot french press of strong coffee, the Sunday Times, and a decent soundtrack. To be honest, we never really listened to these songs all together, much less in this sequence. But they […]

Thursday playlist: Bach, Bach

This week’s playlist forces me to write about something I know very little about. That’s not entirely unusual, of course, since this is after all a blog, but I want to be clear that I’m not even remotely an expert on this subject. The subject is how different musicians interpret Bach in performance. OMG, you […]

Thursday playlist: Best of 2008–Music for making dinner with friends

Happy New Year! And what a glorious New Year. Hooray for our new President! And for the mad possibility of a better world. More love, less fear. Dare we say, hope and progress one last time? We do dare. We are near drunk with it. Damn the hangover. And it's time once again for that […]

Thursday playlist: When we get together, it’s always hot magic – Mix ’08

It’s that time, it’s that time! Time for a year-end mix. Download is here. Everyone I know has her or his own special way of making one of these. To paraphrase a poet close to Governor Blago’s heart, “They work their work, I mine.” I like to make a mix that sounds good to my […]