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Love is in the Mix

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s a mix I made for the cocktail hour before a friend’s wedding a few years ago. 1. There is No Greater Love – Dinah Washington 2. Isn’t it Romantic? – Chet Baker 3. My Funny Valentine – Miles Davis Quintet 4. Pretty-Eyed Baby – Roy Eldridge & Dizzy Gillespie 5. Come Rain or […]

Thursday playlist: 10 recent gripes

Ten recent gripes: How Do You Get Your Ex Back Yahoo Answers 1.) Aging 2.) American people's opposition to Progressive Taxation. How did so many Americans reach the conclusion that it is not the role of goverment to correct economic injustice? It makes me sick that lofty principals of limited government trump the equally lofty […]

Farrell and Trixie's Endless Summer Mix

Like I promised a few weeks back, here is the summer mix (basically a strongly edited mix of songs we have encountered and loved since springtime). And a tracklist too: 1.) Robyn – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (Coldplay cover) 2.) Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory 3.) Katy Perry – Last Friday Night […]

Thursday playlist: Heaven Bound

For the first eight years of life, I listened to classical music to fall asleep. Handle, Beethoven, Strauss – this kind of stuff. It was Tchaikovsky, though, that would really get me worked up and tired out before bedtime. During the finale of the “1812 Overture” I would run full-force at the couch, make a […]

I’m about to get my Old Spice on — 2010 Mix

Dear Reader-Listeners, As I sit here composing this post and listening to the mix of songs from 2010 I have made, I think of you as you may be as you listen to it wherever, whenever, however it may be you listen to it — blasting from your stereo as you make dinner with friends, […]

Mixmas 2010 – the embarrassing version

If you're keeping up here, you might be aware that there are two parts to this year's Fawcett/Honeycups mixmas. Part one, released last week, was an expansive showcase of our unassailable impeccably exquisitely awesome taste. Part two is quite the opposite. Here we open up and let you see the underside. No pretense. No holding […]

Thursday playlist: Just a matter of waiting it out

Can we all agree this isn’t the cheeriest time of the year? Okay, probably not; I know not everyone’s with me on this. But you know what I mean, right? The shorter days and longer nights are part of it, and the beginning of the really unpleasantly cold months, for those of us who live […]

June 2010: Transcendence

The Gun Club – Sex Beat Jorge Ben Jor – Errare Humanun Est The John Shakespear Orchestra – Number One Theme Neu! – Isi Jean Louis – Misaotra Mama Roy Ayers – The Memory Roy Ayers – Feel Like Making Love Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots Spacemen 3 – Big City (Everybody I Know […]

Thursday Playlist: My latest enthusiasms

Two songs by Pantha du Prince, a book by Carl Wilson, and an Italian you tube video. Follow this link to a site where you can stream the whole album. But for the purpose of this post, just play track #1 “Lay in a Shimmer” and track #9 “Welt am Draht.” I had never heard […]

This Year’s Gonna Be Ours – Mix 09

Time files, doesn’t it? Sure it flies, but it also files. It files the past away for the future. It files down the present until the future emerges. It seems like I just made last year’s mix, so I felt a little unprepared when other contributors started posting theirs. Here’s mine. Many of you know […]