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The third annual Whatsies

Well, that’s another year under our belts, with plenty of changes in the world at large and on the site itself. For a brief summing up, let’s hand the mic to Jeremy: So this year TGW was memorable for several things. First of all, of course, it was an election year–The Election Year–and so, it […]

Whatsie time [hold, minor chord] again / Whatsie time [hold, minor chord] again

Well, we’ve made it nearly another year with this thing, which means it’s time for some self-congratulation, some self-doubt, a little self-loathing, and, of course, another round of Whatsies. For the Whatsies this year, we’re inviting anyone who reads the site to send in a paragraph or more about the highlights of the past year […]

Whither TGW?

I love the Great Whatsit. Have loved it since its first post, way back in January of 2006. Have loved it since Dr. Cedric revealed the medical dilemmas that came through his door. Since Farrell and Trixie revealed the details of their home renovations. Since before the East Coasters and West Coasters met at the […]

Had to get away

There was some packing going on at our place the other day. Cats don’t like packing. They know what it means. But wait! What’s that you say? One last bit of in-town fun before we go? Who could say no? Not these two. And quelle surprise! Out-of-towners, out on the town, fresh back from some […]

Thursday playlist: what now? edition

So, someone dropped the ball on today’s playlist. (Yes, it was me. And, yes, apparently Thursdays fall apart when Dave’s not around to keep them going…) But, because Thursdays have been ever-changing, ranging from (initially) regular posting slots to short reviews to open threads to (most recently) playlists, I was wondering… Should we keep up […]

So long, farewell

Gentle readers, For the next while I’ll be taking a leave of absence from TGW. Other projects require a more single-minded attention for the time being. Of previous contributors who’ve taken a hiatus — Farrell, Trixie, Parrish, Pandora, West, Walker, Cedarbrook — most are still around, at least on occasion, and some of those prodigals […]

Year in review: The 2007 Whatsie awards

We’ve made it to the end of our second year with nary a hitch: Yes, a few writers have gone into retirement — only temporarily, we hope — but we’ve gained new ones, too, and had at least one prodigal daughter return. Once again, we’re pretty happy with the amount of (mostly) good text we’ve […]

If your conscience is bothering you…

…you know what to do: help us out, submit your Whatsies nominations. A slight extension: get them in by 5 p.m. Eastern on Thursday and they’ll still be counted. Details here.

The time and the place

Am I the only person on the internets who still finds “meat up” funny? The only one who still finds “the internets” funny? The only one who still says “w00t”? Anyway, it’s come to my attention that some West Coast Whatsiters are going to be in New York tomorrow, so we’re having a hastily organized […]


It’s not just the word of last year — it’s an ethos. Make w00t happen: Send in your Whatsies nominations by this coming Monday. Send to editor @ this domain. Full instructions here. In the meantime, any Iowa caucus predictions? Just for the fun of it, I’m saying Obama, Edwards, Clinton for the Dems; Huckabee, […]