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“The interloper” redux

In 2011 I published a story on this site called “The interloper”. In it, a teenaged girl named Jessie falls in love with her best friend Sarah. They eventually break up when Sarah can no longer take the pressure of being queer in high school. Sarah gives Jessie a box of the notes they’ve exchanged […]

Why I don’t do Facebook (or, the state of my social media, early 2013)

As far as I can remember, the first time anyone tried to get me to sign up for Facebook was February 2006. I’m pretty certain about the date because it coincided with events documented in this very early TGW post, which I’ve bookmarked for years in order repeatedly to retrieve the recipe for Mikelle’s Mexican […]

So… are we done?

I know this is the 327th time we’ve asked this question on TGW, but since no one (but me) has posted anything new since last wednesday, are we finally, at long last, creaking to a halt on this site? I considered writing a post as usual, but it seemed a little… futile.  


This post is in response to Stella’s post from last Friday.  It is not an argument against anything that Stella wrote, but I was inspired by the subject and some of the comments. Before I go on any further, I should tell you that I’m actually writing this post as a spoken piece which is […]

Five years, and counting…

Next Monday, The Great Whatsit will celebrate its fifth birthday. It all began back on Monday, Jan. 23, 2006, with Bryan Waterman‘s post, “On Broadway.” In the five years of our existence, we’ve had 1,579 posts and 18,456 comments. We’ve had fabulous bloggers come and go – miss you, BW, Dorothy Gale, Cedric, Rogan, E. Tan, […]

Philadelphia means it

For years, I’d heard that Philadelphia was the place to be for New Year’s, and with the arrogance of a proper New Yorker upon hearing anything is good somewhere else, I thought, yes, I’m sure it’s lovely, dear. We have plenty of opportunities to vomit in public right here at home. As for some kind […]


Okay, I gotta admit: It’s getting harder to gear myself up to post every Tuesday. Feels like we don’t have many readers left, and of course even fewer commenters (the occasional very enthusiastic F. Fawcett comments notwithstanding). Are you original readers still out there? Have any new people who’ve stumbled upon us continued to read […]

The Monday Photo: think of all the cool stuff you could buy there

The Monday Photo (“we have it? yeah, we have it.”)

The struggle for self-determination, the struggle for what a character wants his life to be…I look for characters who feel strongly enough about something not to be concerned with the prevailing odds, but to struggle against those odds. Robert Aldrich

We will miss your posts, Ms. Brewer