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Rock star from Mars

About 15 years ago, I got a call very late one night from a college friend. She was in graduate school at a VPU, living with her husband in a little apartment off campus. She was in the second year of a 2-year program, getting her master’s in public policy, and she was one of […]

This will be Sarah Palin in 2013

Tom “The Hammer” Delay on “Dancing with the Stars.” Once the most-feared Republican in the House (following a successful career in pest control), he has now become your Nice Old Uncle, dancing in a barbershop quartet getup with a big GOP elephant patch on his back. [youtube][/youtube] What’s with throwing the money in the air […]

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

Have you ever been in the middle of the ocean in a rubber dinghy, circled by sharks? Lost in the Amazon for weeks with no food or water? Stuck in a freezing crevasse with a broken leg in a Utah canyon? If not, and you’d like to experience the feeling, check out I Shouldn’t Be […]

Father’s Day is September 27th this year…

Better than leading bars with hex-a-chlorophene

For your Tuesday pleasure, a smattering of old TV commercials starring not-yet-famous stars. John Travolta, soaping up with a few fellow young actors in the shower: [youtube][/youtube] Brad Pitt, snacking on Pringles and checking out the ladies: [youtube][/youtube] Keanu Reeves, flexing his magnificent acting chops as a dancing, thieving waiter: [youtube][/youtube] Morgan Freeman, going all […]

Levi is gay

Scene: LP’s house, after the UNC Tar Heels win the national championship. In basketball, you effete TGW sports-haters. We’ve decided, since LP hasn’t written her post as of Monday night, that we (Timo, J-Man, LP) will do a stream-of-consciousness post on the issues of the day. After a shot of vodka to celebrate the end […]

Soy Un Perdidor

Since Parrish has propped the door open with The Donald’s Helmet, I decided to step inside the boardroom and confess my own reality show guilty pleasure: While this is arguably not as horrifying as Celebrity Apprentice, every week I tune in to bask in the ample folds (eeewww) of The Biggest Loser. This season’s title […]

Latest guilty pleasure

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you: Celebrity Apprentice! The latest and greatest in reality fare, guaranteed to set your teeth on edge and make you feel smarter than everyone you’re watching. The Donald is back! And he’s better than ever, tormenting “celebrities” — some of whom have earned the moniker, some not so much […]

I’d like to spank the Academy, redux

Random thoughts on the Oscars, in the style of a 2006 post. 1. So glad The Curious Case of Bradjamin Pitton flopped! I’m no Pitt-basher, but all his best work in this movie was done by the makeup department. Seriously, his facial expression never changed in the entire 5 hours and 27 minutes of the […]


The Brits have long been titillated by the naughty and the vulgar.  “You are awful, but I like you” was a famous sitcom catchphrase from the 1970s and sums up our collective guilty pleasure. This attitude is being taken to a new 21st century height.  The country is obsessed with a working class woman who […]