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A little more fiction

The hitter It was the bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded when Eddy stepped to the plate. He couldn’t believe this moment had really come – the perfect moment, the perfect baseball cliché. The game was on the line, heroics were in order. And he was ready – never been readier – to […]

Today’s sporting news

Unwarranted exercise

It seems like my new friends here are determined not to let me go gently into that good fall of keeping chin-stroking office hours and toddling back to my house for a grilled cheese and soup. Let’s hunt down a new dive bar! Let’s go see a play rehearsal! Let’s join a local meeting about […]

Christmas in July

Pro sports are so, so boring. They make me want to go take a nap. And the games take so long! I would rather spend those four hours sitting in my dentist’s waiting room browsing through weeks-old Us magazines. I would rather get an oil change. I would rather steam-clean my carpets in August than […]

My new favorite game

I have a new favorite game. It’s called “cornhole.” It’s really simple: you throw beanbags at a slightly slanted piece of plywood, trying to make them land on the wood (1 point) or go through a single hole that’s been drilled into it (3 points). It’s like horseshoes, but without the shoulder strain. Here is […]

A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again

I’ve been playing this game a long time: Ever since I was little, I liked to play hard and get dirty on the field.     I still love it now.     Oh, don’t worry – I’m not going to stop playing softball. It’s too much fun. What I am going to stop doing […]

No, seriously: atheletes are great role models

This photo appeared in Friday’s LA Times, and I’m sure in several other papers across the country. The accompanying story is about former NHL player Bob Probert, who recently died of heart failure.  The article doesn’t have as much to do with his death as it does about what was found afterwards. Mr. Probert’s post-mortem […]

Fight the bully

In brief, the situation: Young, brash zillionaire buys professional football team. Knows nothing about how to run one, but because he is now the owner, proceeds to make many personnel decisions that decimate the team, leaving a proud franchise losers, year after year. He also makes innumerable changes to increase revenue for himself, to the […]

Squash Week

Last week was squash week in around here. At the beginning of the week, cooking with squash. I came across a recipe somehwere, maybe in Slate (which I swear I don’t read very often; don’t judge me), for butternut squash roasted in rendered sausage fat. This sounded delicious and had only five ingredients (including salt […]

Drinking games for wimps

It’s Saturday night. Friends are visiting, and you’ve all had dinner. Everybody’s too tired to go out anywhere, but not tired enough to call it an evening yet. What to do, what to do? How about… a drinking game! Yeah! Woo-hooo! All right! It’s been a while since you played any kind of drinking game, […]