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Sanctimonious coffee filters

As I discovered about a year ago, this is the only brand of coffee filters available at the local Whole Fountainhead. I didn’t want to buy them because the manufacturer/brander/purveying-corporate-nexus clearly holds me and everyone else who buys them in contempt. Either the manufacturer doesn’t “care” but thinks I can be manipulated into buying these […]

You stomach contains a lot of very strong acid. It is an acidic environment.

Among the many reasons Whole Foods drives me crazy is their never-ending supply of snake oil.

A Year in the Dollar Bin – 2012

You thought maybe I wasn’t going to do a 2012 music mix? I thought so, too, until the idea occurred to me to compile some favorite songs from my dollar-bin finds from the year. In my musical tastes of late I’ve been way too caught up in what records from yesteryear can be found on […]

Wish fulfillment

You may remember this. So, now you can rejoice in this.   Happy 2012. Love, Stella xxx

The most wonderful night of the year

When the world is a mess, you can fight or shop.  Deep inside the Beltway, a gaggle of women went into a shopping frenzy for beauty products last night. They jack us up on cheap champagne and make us feel that beauty and happiness are just one swipe of a credit card away.  And I […]

Umbrellas, lost and broken

Why is the humble umbrella such a conundrum?  Can we not come up with a design that can open, close, fit in a purse, and withstand a certain degree of bluster? Having spent a day battling New York winds and rains, I am stumped at the imperfections of this essential object.  I propose that we […]

Vroom, vroom

I’m thinking about getting a new car. At the moment, I’m torn between getting something sensible like this: … or getting something fun like this: Of course, I also have mixed memories of the agonies and eventual parting of ways with this: So… what’s a girl to do?

It Came from the Dollar Bin

As many of you know, I have a bit of a “thing” for records. They seem to follow me around and jump in my way, pleading for me to buy them and bring them home to hang out with the other thousands that Jen and I have accumulated over the years. It’s very hard for […]

Mama’s come to jesus

I was waiting in line at Walmart. I had one tube of my favorite Garnier curl sculpting cream gel on sale for $2.00 off. Three families with full shopping carts were ahead of me. They must have been buying their entire Christmas: heaps of toys, clothes, electronics, kids running around, women digging in cavernous satchels […]


I remember my favorite present.  I was about 7 and woke up one morning to find three new and shiny things next to my bed.  A hip little doll baby with caramel skin, freckles, lashes and blue eyeshadow.  She sported matching shorts and tunic in Fuchsia pink with jewel-tone Scottie dogs in turquoise, emerald and […]