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Things I remember about coming out in the ‘80s

Rachel’s and Dave’s posts this week stirred up a lot of thought about my own coming out circa 1987 in college.  Random memories won out over narrative or analysis: I didn’t realize until later that when she kept sleeping naked with me in my bed, she wanted to be more than friends. Sinead O’Connor was […]

Queerness and exile

I’ve been thinking this week along some of the same lines as Rachel’s post from yesterday. I’d like to add a few thoughts to hers, starting on the subject of religion but then generalizing. Last week I went to a panel discussion on queer youth and religion where one speaker, Professor Mark Jordan, talked about […]

June 2010: Transcendence

The Gun Club – Sex Beat Jorge Ben Jor – Errare Humanun Est The John Shakespear Orchestra – Number One Theme Neu! – Isi Jean Louis – Misaotra Mama Roy Ayers – The Memory Roy Ayers – Feel Like Making Love Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots Spacemen 3 – Big City (Everybody I Know […]

A queer addendum

I was at a party recently and got to talking to one woman about elite vs. non-elite (in my parlance, “fancy” vs. “not fancy”) educational institutions, and whether it mattered how elite the school was that one attended for various career paths. We digressed to talk about one institution, let’s call it College X, of […]


This week I found myself trying to explain “the closet” and “coming out” in a bit more depth than is usually given the subjects, as every water cooler and blog in the country resonated with some form of the search phrase “elena kagan lesbian”: Now we have Eliot Spitzer, among others, assuring us that the […]


I was quite old before I realized that I was the only person at my church who listened to secular music. I must have been in seventh grade, because I clearly remember a Sunday School classmate asking me what my favorite album was at the time, and I said Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Of course. […]


I fear that I’m getting a reputation for being not-fun in my old age. Sure, I’m only 30, but it’s clear that a whole landscape of human interactions has closed off to me. My interest in movies and television has waned. And I really don’t enjoy dating as much as I used to. It all […]

Big Infinity: Intro

[youtube][/youtube] … Big Infinity,  stoner Visionary for hire.

Tuesday video: Marilyn smokes up

After sitting in an attic for 50-plus years, a short home movie of Marilyn Monroe  has surfaced in which the actress is seen sitting on a couch with a couple of friends. The fact that any new clip of Marilyn has appeared is newsworthy, but most of the headlines about it focus on the fact […]

The Monday Photo (#1 “shocking” image Google)