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Halloween in the Castro: Not as wild on a Monday night, but fun nonetheless…            

Thursday playlist: Loose associations

Last time grandpa fawcett posted here, it was a bunch of gripes. This time it's a jumble of thoughts and enthusiasms, the ramblings of early dementia: 1.) This song “A Real Hero” by College (feat. Electric Youth) is from the movie Drive. I could not stop playing this song every day, ten times a day, […]

Inside the box

Sidewalk trees have a hard life in the city.  Drought, dogs, car doors, pedestrians, construction, along with storms and disease. But we need them and love them.  They provide shade, they absorb carbon monoxide, they soak up stormwater runoff.  And, they are beautiful and green and natural and do something good to our souls. So, […]

2,841 and counting

I was straightening clutter in my front room the other day when, at the fluke edge of my eye, I saw a piece of cardboard wedged behind a cabinet. The color of the paper seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn’t quite determine what it was. Frustrated from trying to flatten my hand behind the back […]

It’s time to hate on NYC!

Last fall, when everyone was posting this (admittedly horribly true) Onion article, I was pretty irritated about it. I still live here, damn it. And it happened to come at a time when it seemed like everyone I know was leaving me to go do something else with their lives. (Looking at you, Dave.) Just […]

My favorite mural ever

And then a little delicious detail: And the overview… So…I took these on the fly when they were setting up the room for the next day’s event…but next time you’re in D.C., swing by the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill and check out the Federal City Room…where you can see this glorious mural handpainted […]