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A few things I’ve been looking at

“Being a Maid”. Mormonism dealing with the internet. “The Aesthetics of Authority”. A Szymborska poem, complete with cat and link to an alternate translation. “Kim Jong Un Looking at Things”. Bonus video: All kinds of text and subtext at a UC town hall meeting about Occupy.


Ad on the way to the courthouse:

Social facts

Many philosophers make a distinction between natural and social. What is natural is given to us by nature or reality. What is social is somehow created by us, humans, albeit often through massively complicated and impersonal processes. In particular, philosophers speak of natural facts and social facts. Natural facts are facts that “carve nature at […]

Let us give thanks

For occupations, decolonizations, new beginnings, openings, and also for the things that are fine just the way they are.

Class solidarity

“One perCENT! One perCENT!” “Why would you occupy Harvard, anyway? We have the most diverse student body in the world. What is there to protest?” “So, what’s the point of all this?” “You know, in principle, I think some of the things that you stand for, I mean, the things that I imagine you stand […]

Notes from Downtown

Not too long after those marches we went to in DC that so effectively stopped the war in Iraq, a friend of mine said one of those sentences that got pasted on my brain like a bumper sticker*. “Chanting in unison,” he said, “makes me ambivalent about, oh, just about everything.” I had felt this […]

Unreasonable demands

What if we make some demands? The “we” here is vague. Let’s say it’s those of us who are dissatisfied. For example, we could demand that the economy be harnessed to bring increased benefits to the majority, rather than the small minority at the top of the income ladder. Or that we organize our economic […]

Thursday playlist: Loose associations

Last time grandpa fawcett posted here, it was a bunch of gripes. This time it's a jumble of thoughts and enthusiasms, the ramblings of early dementia: 1.) This song “A Real Hero” by College (feat. Electric Youth) is from the movie Drive. I could not stop playing this song every day, ten times a day, […]

…but they’re just so boring

I know that few republicans are excited about their field of candidates, but I was surprised to notice this about two minutes into one of the recent GOP debates.


One thing I like about the Occupy Wall Street movement is that it’s opening public dialogue about what’s wrong. There’s a lot of discontent in the country, and it’s been there for at least the past decade if not longer. But it hasn’t been articulated in a mass, political way. I think it was William […]