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The $pectacle

I’ve been honored and thrilled to be working on the latest installment of Learning Music Monthly with Music-god, John Wood.  So, helmet yourself in pith and hire a reliable guide, lest you find yourself lost in the rhythmic jungle that is this latest installment. The record is Mr. Wood’s and my (not so) humble attempt […]


Regardless of what happens on Tuesday, many of us will wake up on Wednesday feeling a vast sense of relief. Until then, I wanted to share one last attack ad, which I think we can all enjoy…


Overheard in the Bar at Chili’s: A:  Did you see that movie, “Zombieland”?  B:  No.  A:  It’s really funny.  B:  I hate Zombies.  A:  Why?  B:  You can’t kill them. They just keep coming. They can’t die because they are already dead.  A:  You can cut off their heads or blow them up.  C:  Or […]

Drinking games for wimps

It’s Saturday night. Friends are visiting, and you’ve all had dinner. Everybody’s too tired to go out anywhere, but not tired enough to call it an evening yet. What to do, what to do? How about… a drinking game! Yeah! Woo-hooo! All right! It’s been a while since you played any kind of drinking game, […]

Will the pope resign?

I’m reading the excellent Capitalist Realism, by Mark Fisher of k-punk, and came across a great bit that I wanted to share. Fisher writes, What late capitalism repeats from Stalinism is just this valuing of symbols of achievement over actual achievement. As Marshall Berman explained, describing Stalin’s White Sea Canal project of 1931-33: Stalin seems […]

Breathing the World Around Us

About a week ago my mother was hospitalized after a rare reaction to the antibiotics she was given for pneumonia which caused her lungs to seize and interrupted her breathing. She was shopping with a friend of hers when she collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully she’s making a full recovery […]

Big Infinity: Intro

[youtube][/youtube] … Big Infinity,  stoner Visionary for hire.

Music, Weightlessness, and the Waking Dream

I used to wake every morning to soundtrack of Gattaca on my cd-player/alarm clock.  The incessant call in the music evoked something both melancholy and haunting.  The dark tones of the string instruments resonated with something deep inside me, striking some blend of longing and worry, as if I weren’t quite certain where or who […]

The Beautiful Glimpsed in Unexpected Places

People give me a strange look sometimes when I tell them that I used to be a computer games programmer.  The idea that a poet might have a technical background seems odd at first — in large measure because we’ve been brought up to believe that there is a great divide between the sciences and […]

Unexpected Cosmologies

I’m a believer.  I believe in numbers.  In textures and lines.  I believe in shadow and light.  How the grade of darkness is sometimes tied to the word value. I believe in beginnings.   In origins.  I believe in ruptures and faults.  In borders and intersections.  I believe in pattern and chaos.  Sitting in a restaurant […]