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Talkin’ freedom blues

Take a minute to jump in my Great Whatsit way back machine and recall the first time I blogged about cruising with Speed Levitch. Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to take a couple other walks with him, though always through Central Park. I knew that back in the day he had a […]

Hooray for…

Dollywood! RB and I made a pilgrimage to that great land over Thanksgiving, and it was significantly less boobsy, and more Jesus-y, than I had imagined… I expected roller coasters with names like “Twin Peaks” and sodas served in “D-cups” (for Dollywood, of course), but Dollywood was resolutely family-friendly. But still, this is Dolly we’re […]

How I spent my summer

Inspired by the return of BW to these parts, I hereby resume posting at TGW after a brief hiatus. And in the spirit of his post, here’s what’s been going on with me. In June, I ate some doughnuts.   I also went back to my university for the first time in years, and I […]

Alligator farm!

RB and I recently went to the world’s largest alligator farm, in St. Augustine, Florida. The name is kind of a misnomer, as it doesn’t really “farm” alligators for sale in any way. It’s more like a zoo, and it’s the only place in the world where you can see all 23 species of alligators […]

HookerTee from LV

For those of you who haven’t been to Las Vegas, there are people all along the strip wearing these tees who hand out advertisements  for hookers — I just had to have one (a shirt, not a hooker).

Oldness and sex

Some colleagues and I were just out having dinner and out-olding one another. One woman said she was glad to finally be old enough that our college students look like tiny soft little babies who could not possibly be sexually attractive to anyone. I responded that I feel so old I see them as being […]

Little town, I love you

As a girl growing up in Plains states, I thought all I could ever want was Brooklyn. I never dreamed of living in New York City in general, just Brooklyn. I loved movies set in Brooklyn and people from Brooklyn. It just seemed so obviously better than all other places on Earth that nothing else […]

Monday photo: audio edition

Imagine a tree filled with starlings, finches, mocking birds, and a couple of morning doves — this was the crazy scene going on behind our house this morning, so I grabbed my phone and made a recording. If you haven’t heard your local birds singing in a while, put on some headphones, and enjoy the […]

I want my BBC

Oh, TGWers, it’s that time again, time to leave the frosty midwest and come to the coast for the annual New Year’s Eve gathering. This time around, it was glorious (the censored photographic evidence just goes to prove it!). The downside: lots and lots of time in transit. Fortunately, it’s easy to stay amused, especially […]

Hello, Bali!

No football and turkey and family gatherings for us this year! Instead, RB and I decided to head to Indonesia for ten days, deciding where exactly to go after we arrived. Here’s how our vacation unfolded, in very brief because we just got in tonight from 28 hours of planes, airports and automobiles: This is […]