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Survival skills

I have written before about my addiction to the show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” and my childhood obsession with the strange and compelling situations described in Strange Stories, Amazing Facts. I’m also a big fan of the show Survivor, partly because it’s fascinating to watch the conniving and strategizing that goes on, partly because the […]


Summer has finally come to Thee Southland, and with a vengeance heretofore unseen. Monday L.A. had a record high of 113 degrees; it might’ve been higher but the official downtown L.A. temperature gauge apparently broke midday. Late Summer/early Fall is usually the hottest part of the year and fire season here, but by nightfall things […]

Joshua Tree, Labor Day weekend

Happiness is…

It’s a little bit like internet dating, nowadays: instead of going to the pound, you browse thumbnail photos online. Someone has written first-person blurbs that read like personal ads: “Hi! I’m two months old, with lots of energy. I like liver treats, tennis balls, and long walks in the park. How about you?!” Hundreds of […]

Anacondas 0, kidnappers 0, dolphins 5, monkeys 50

Previous readers may remember my mixture of excitement and trepidation before going to Colombia last month. Although most of me was excited by the prospect of this exploration, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also nervous about it, what with the kidnappings, the malaria, and the anacondas (well, to be honest, I was […]

Monday photo: Seed pod

Courtesy of Stella: an interesting Rorschach test.

Monday photo (seed pod)

Beware the demon sheep

In case you missed it last week, a fantastic new campaign video went viral, from the senate primary campaign of former HP executive Carly Fiorina. I’m not sure which high-profile, expensive PR firm came up with this, but it’s the kind of thing that maybe worked better on the white board: [youtube][/youtube] The first two […]

Big Infinity: Intro

[youtube][/youtube] … Big Infinity,  stoner Visionary for hire.

Bonus playlist Wednesday: Best of 2009 edition

All 72 counties in Wisconsin are officially in a state of emergency. The National Guard is helping people off the highways. A blizzard warning is in effect until midnight tomorrow. We’re getting over a foot of the white stuff. Gusting winds, up to 50 MPH, are expected to cause some crazy-dangerous snowdrifts. The governor has […]