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Demo Boot Camp is Wow!

If you feel your physique needs a bit of help, or you want to lose a few pounds quickly, may I recommend Demo Boot Camp? Demo Boot Camp is fun! Demo Boot Camp is happening! It’s simple, really; just find a house that needs a lot of work and start ripping shit up. Watch while […]

Weekend recs

Hopkinson Smith Early music people tend to be musical polyglots, and such is Hopkinson Smith. A founding member of Hespèrion XX, Smith plays lute, vihuela (see below), theorbo, and for all I know, electric guitar. I’m recommending him not as a specialized interest, I hope, but as a delight for anyone who enjoys soulful instrumentalism […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love the run

Jesus, I can't believe that's the title of this post. Love the run? Seriously? Cause I fucking hated running. My whole life. Totally hated running. I thought runners were kind of bonkers. (I'm sorry lovely darling runners out there, I know I'm a total judgey asshole.) But I thought people who ran a lot, like […]

… shouldn’t you?

  And believe it or not, that’s not even the worst dentist’s sign I’ve seen in Los Angeles. I came across this gem yesterday:     Ouch! I’ve got an airplane on my lip! Can a dentist help me?

Watching death happen

WARNING: What follows is gross. I had such an adventure last night! Between two emergency job-related trips (both good possibilities), I only have about 40 hours at home to get everything done. So of course I come home from the first trip and have food poisoning. To be honest, I didn’t think I could get […]

Black box

Little town, I love you

As a girl growing up in Plains states, I thought all I could ever want was Brooklyn. I never dreamed of living in New York City in general, just Brooklyn. I loved movies set in Brooklyn and people from Brooklyn. It just seemed so obviously better than all other places on Earth that nothing else […]

Holding out for a hero

When I was in sixth grade, the teacher gave us a writing assignment. “Write about one of your heroes,” she said. As my classmates immediately thought of firemen, their grandma or Jesus, I had to ponder my options. Joan of Arc? Harriet Tubman? Louis Braille? Superman? Athena? Woody Guthrie? Teresa of Ávila? The list was […]

Till human voices wake us, and we drown

Because of a family medical history predisposing me to cancer, I have an MRI screening at least once a year, sometimes twice. Most people I mention this to express a claustrophobic terror of this experience, but I find there’s something perversely peaceful about it. Getting tucked into a heavy double layer of blankets, I start […]

I want to get old

Reading this excellent, somewhat-Shandean meditation on the glories of post-menopausal life by Roseanne Barr got me all jealous. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been spending a lot of my time around post-menopausal women lately, but I’m going through a phase in which I simply can’t wait to be in my mid-50’s. I think that’s […]