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Forty-nine mixes later – highlights of trip

My son and I just got back from a 15 day road trip to explore possible college choices. Here are a few highlights. Best Advice, Fun Facts and Wisdom from Student Tour Guides: “The swans living on this pond are the 13th generation from the original swans brought here when the school was established!” “If you […]

It’s time to hate on NYC!

Last fall, when everyone was posting this (admittedly horribly true) Onion article, I was pretty irritated about it. I still live here, damn it. And it happened to come at a time when it seemed like everyone I know was leaving me to go do something else with their lives. (Looking at you, Dave.) Just […]

A Tuesday Photo: (“east coast/west coast” google image search, redacted.

Amsterdam wins?

I have spent many hours in many different airports in the U.S. and Europe.  After exhaustive research I propose that Amsterdam Schipohl is the best. It is the only airport I know that provides carts/trolleys for hand luggage. It has a library, a real library. There is a large children’s “forest” play area, which I […]

Philadelphia means it

For years, I’d heard that Philadelphia was the place to be for New Year’s, and with the arrogance of a proper New Yorker upon hearing anything is good somewhere else, I thought, yes, I’m sure it’s lovely, dear. We have plenty of opportunities to vomit in public right here at home. As for some kind […]

Cracking up!

One of the highlights of a British Christmas is the Christmas Cracker.  Produced for a few pennies, this object, which comprises a cardboard tube, colorful foil paper, a fragile paper hat, a plastic toy, and a bad joke, really gives a lot of bang for the Great British pound. I was going to research the […]

Stella on the Eastern Shore

Stella spent last weekend on the Eastern Shore of Virginia near Modest Town.  It’s the southern part of DelMarVa for Washingtonian beach mavens.  It’s about 80 miles north of Norfolk, Virgina.  Stella went to university in Norfolk, England.  The two areas are eerily similar.  Flat and marshy.  Sparsely populated.  Subtly beautiful.

Slaughterhouse five

(Text by Swells, photos by ScottyGee) Dresden is known for its beautiful central theater complex, its devastation after the Allies firebombed it in WWII, and of course its central role in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. It’s such a culty novel, at least for American college boys, that I assumed its iconic status would at least […]

Stella and the magic carpet

Stella has followed the hallowed footsteps of Scotty G. to Berlin.  She will now attempt to communicate an art installation in photographs.  All good art installations are of course impossible to capture and document.  Nevertheless, Stella will risk diminishing the work to share it with you. It takes place in the Neue Nationalgalerie designed by […]

Stella and the random day at the English seaside