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nwbw late summer 2023: I wish I had a brother

It’s been a while since we’ve made and shared a mix — the last one may have been our 2016 favs — but we kicked around some files by email as the end of summer approached and came up with the following. Have fun guessing which one of us chose what and where we’ve been […]

#RIP Peaches

Our dear old Peaches finished his life today. Our dear cat Peaches went to rest today. He was 14 or so and his kidneys stopped working this week. Here he is with Charlie in Feb 2012. He will be missed. #RIP #catsofinstagram A photo posted by Bryan Waterman (@b_waterman) on Apr 29, 2015 at 11:03am […]

Sweet beat November: nwbw monthly mix

Nathan and I emailed some more tracks to one another, resulting in this — just in time, we hope, for the tail end of autumn. Let us know what floats your boat. Santo & Johnny – Cairo Angel Olsen – The Waiting Broadcast – Come On Let’s Go Freelove Fenner – Mint Gap Dream – […]

Liwa postcard

We spent our Eid al-Adha break, Thursday to Sunday, at the famous oasis at Liwa, about 150 km from Abu Dhabi to the southwest. A crescent of date palms and other green brush that stretches for about 100 km from east to west, the Liwa oasis is the traditional home of the Bani Yas tribe, […]

Playlist for Jerry Nelson (1934-2012)

Sometime in the mid 1960s the young puppeteer Jerry Nelson met Jim Henson. They worked together on a couple projects in the late 60s, including a cheeky version of Cinderella that Henson produced for TV, featuring a Muppet he still referred to, in those days, as “Kermit, the frog”: an appositive, with comma and lower-case […]

Catching up with …

Last winter I didn’t even manage a family holiday letter. In the past I’d let things slip as far as St. Patrick’s Day, but last year things felt so up in the air I had no idea how to describe where we’d been and where we were going, and so I let it drop altogether. […]

Dog fantasy

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dog? Some of you probably already have a dog. When my family had dogs (two, at different times), they solved all our problems. Our golden retriever, who only lived from 1986-1995, and was in many ways a very bad dog, may have saved my life. He also dragged […]

A bittersweet family portrait

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Jumping off tall objects for fun: yea or nay? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you like pushing yourself beyond limits of comfort (and possibly sanity)? Do you enjoy the sound of your own panicked shrieking? Are roller coasters just not cutting it for you these days? If the answer to any of these questions […]

What can a kid do?

I’ve been teaching some texts relevant to this New Yorker article and have been having mixed feelings about the issues it raises. It’s not long, but if you want the quickie version, Kolbert discusses an anthropologist’s comparison between this kid in the Peruvian Amazon: A member of another family, Yanira, asked if she could come […]