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Summer has finally come to Thee Southland, and with a vengeance heretofore unseen. Monday L.A. had a record high of 113 degrees; it might’ve been higher but the official downtown L.A. temperature gauge apparently broke midday. Late Summer/early Fall is usually the hottest part of the year and fire season here, but by nightfall things […]


A photo for my heat-weary friends: Much Love.

Hot and cold

This July is on track to be the hottest New York City July on record. If that happens, it will beat July 1999 for the record — that was the month I first visited New York, over a record-breakingly sweltering Fourth of July weekend. Despite the heat, all I wanted to do was walk around […]

Our nightmare

What can we say about the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? There are the photos of marshes turned into toxic waste dumps and dying seabirds coated with crude. There’s the scale of the spill, which BP has been hiding (with apparent governmental collusion or acquiescence) the entire time. In any case, […]