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I was quite old before I realized that I was the only person at my church who listened to secular music. I must have been in seventh grade, because I clearly remember a Sunday School classmate asking me what my favorite album was at the time, and I said Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Of course. […]

Big Infinity: Intro

[youtube][/youtube] … Big Infinity,  stoner Visionary for hire.

Tuesday video: Marilyn smokes up

After sitting in an attic for 50-plus years, a short home movie of Marilyn Monroe  has surfaced in which the actress is seen sitting on a couch with a couple of friends. The fact that any new clip of Marilyn has appeared is newsworthy, but most of the headlines about it focus on the fact […]

Protected: Reefer Madness!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

It’s a crime

Susan Atkins, the member of the Manson family who stabbed the pregnant Sharon Tate, and smeared the word “pig” in Tate’s blood on the murder scene wall, recently made an appeal for a compassionate release from prison. For those not up to speed on her health, Atkins is suffering from the final stages of brain […]


Today marks the end of two weeks without alcohol. Self-imposed and quite arbitrary. Glad I did it, glad it’s over. Why did I do it? I’d been thinking about it for a while — wanted to feel healthier, look better, see how hard it would be to abstain. One week was too short a period, […]

Over the counter culture

Labor Day weekend in San Francisco is always fairly quiet because all the cool kids have packed their fur-covered beach cruisers, art projects and drug collections into their gas guzzling SUV’s with “No Blood For Oil!” bumper stickers and caravaned over to Black Rock Desert, Nevada, for the annual non-conformist, anti-capitalist, pro-anarchist, pro-nudity, post-modern, pre-Armageddon […]

Would you rather …

I wasn’t presenting a particularly inviting picture today. Dirty and sweating in my shorts and steel-toes, I was hauling heavy bags of sand from the front yard to the back to make a nice little suburban patio in my nice little suburban yard. That’s why I was so surprised when a car pulled up across […]

South Philly through your arteries

One of the things I love about music is how it frames one’s mental images about events, time and place. A song, album or band might remind you of an era in your life, say a semester in college or a particularly tough breakup; or of a certain activity, driving to high school in your […]

The “communists” at my college were hypocrites, or, How sometimes a cigarette tastes oh-so-good

Dear Web Journal, Every liberal arts college has them: that group of kids that are kinda artsy and maybe a little dirty and give you that “I hate authority because my old man used to make me mow the lawn. I don’t like mowing the lawn” attitude. When these kids get to college they don […]