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On Why I No Longer do Shots with the Authors of Left Behind

S. and I met at Summer Language Nerd Convention in Bloomington in, what, 1999 or so, so it’s already more than a decade we know each other, as people say in areas where Yiddish has futzed with syntax a certain way.  Years ago, when I was dating someone who worked in the movie industry*, S. […]

I didn’t go full Sinead

My hair hasn’t been this short since I was six months old. It’s a strange feeling. When I was a little girl, my mom used to say if I didn’t want my hair brushed, she’d have to cut it all off. I said, go ahead. I hated having all that hair. It’s thick and frizzy […]

Monday’s levity post

Being members of a dog family, Swells and I are especially tickled by this video, but I hope even those of you who aren’t can find the kind of painful joy that we feel when watching it over and over and over. [youtube][/youtube] Thanks to  Stella for submitting this photo for today’s levity post:

When I Change My Life

“When I Change My Life” — The Pretenders Probably the most brilliant idea I ever had was the discovery that I could run away. When I was a miserable little kid, I fantasized about death because I couldn’t imagine my way out of my situation. I was eight, and I told people what I needed, […]

Fight the bully

In brief, the situation: Young, brash zillionaire buys professional football team. Knows nothing about how to run one, but because he is now the owner, proceeds to make many personnel decisions that decimate the team, leaving a proud franchise losers, year after year. He also makes innumerable changes to increase revenue for himself, to the […]

On the buses

You may remember that I offloaded my automobile a couple of years ago…and am now a fierce champion of public transport. In Washington, D.C., public transport is a mixed bag.  The theory is fabulous and the practice involves constant frustration and, in the worst cases, tragic accidents for passengers and staff. But, I have become […]

Ask, tell, et cetera

Not long ago, ran an Explainer column describing how the U.S. military ascertains whether a service member is gay, for purposes of booting them out under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Apparently, photos are the best, most reliable source. Facebook postings are another key source: Does the soldier post about having a same-sex partner? Do […]

A Love Bizarre Triangulation

Yesterday was a very long work day for me. Lately I’ve been teaching a class that begins at 7 am, so I had to get up at the unholy hour of 5:15. After class ended at 11 am, I had a couple of meetings (one planned, one not) and then filled in for a colleague […]

Religion is boring

This semester I keep running into religious boredom from my students. At Religious College, the students are totally entranced by the text we’re reading except when I try to say something about the religious context of the author, whom they far prefer to judge according to the standards of their own beliefs. At Secular College, […]

Willy wonky and the dumb-ass oompa loompa factory (or why the republicans always get to set the tone of the debate)

In a recent press conference in which house minority leader, John Boehner and friends unfurled their newly penned “Pledge to America,” I noticed something odd about one of their “pledges.” Okay, I’m going to stop here: Can we please just pronounce the man’s name “Boner?”  Seriously, are there any other words in the English language […]