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I’ve wanted to write a post about work for quite a while but haven’t been able to work it out because of work. So I’m going to justify it now on the grounds that, ultimately, blogging is work, a point I’ll return to in conclusion. To recap, then: Although I have too much work to […]

One-stop shopping for your xmas list!

Falling behind on your holiday gift shopping? Avoid the mall, spurn the gift cards, save your precious time: these gifts are all you need to please even the most persnickety of friends and relations! 1. Who doesn’t love a holiday sweater? Especially one from a site called   2. Who hasn’t dreamed of a […]


Cleaning out my desk today for an office move I discovered a copy of an essay I received from a student a couple years ago. I asked the class to write about a person who had had a big influence on them. I reproduce the essay here as is, with only the real names redacted. […]

All Together Now

Last night the hubs and I took a brief respite from our ongoing 30-Rock marathon to watch “Commune”, a 2005 documentary about Black Bear Ranch, a commune that was started in the late-60’s in Northern California. [youtube][/youtube] While the film touches on the political and social upheaval of the time, most of the focus is […]

The Ojai farmers’ market

Walking through the market, I told Steph that I felt like I was in heaven: the weather was perfect, the smell of herbal soap permeated, everyone was nice, and I was holding hands with my favorite person.  It really was an ideal moment. …and $60.00 later, we were better citizens.  

What’s news?

This afternoon I was reading the LA Times on line, catching up on Frank McCourt’s latest flailing attempts to maintain control of the Dodgers. When I was done, I scrolled to the bottom and glanced at the links there. Sometimes I’ll make my way through the news like this, instead of returning to the homepage […]

Thursday playlist: Loose associations

Last time grandpa fawcett posted here, it was a bunch of gripes. This time it's a jumble of thoughts and enthusiasms, the ramblings of early dementia: 1.) This song “A Real Hero” by College (feat. Electric Youth) is from the movie Drive. I could not stop playing this song every day, ten times a day, […]

Nine / Twelve: let the cynicism begin

I don’t know what kind of neighborhood you live in, but I live in one that is owned, not by the residents or even the banks, but by a bunch of realtors. On most days, I can expect that a member of this cadre will place a magnetic calendar or some other such piece of […]

Get your Middleton on!

  It’s hard to sum up what April 29, 2011 means, but the copy writer at the Franklin Mint has nailed it: Kate Middleton is living the dream every little girl holds dear…and every woman remembers with a smile…becoming a Princess. For the first time in over 350 years, a non-royal like one of us […]

No, seriously: atheletes are great role models

This photo appeared in Friday’s LA Times, and I’m sure in several other papers across the country. The accompanying story is about former NHL player Bob Probert, who recently died of heart failure.  The article doesn’t have as much to do with his death as it does about what was found afterwards. Mr. Probert’s post-mortem […]