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SNAP! My partner and I lay awake after hearing the startling sound – the proclamation that we do (or did) indeed have a rat living in our attic. We listen as the rodent struggles. My partner, beside herself, swears that she can hear it crying. I close my eyes and work toward falling back asleep. […]

New Orleans, redux

With a nod to Wendy’s excellent photo essay from 2007, here are a few scenes from New Orleans, circa December 2008. The French Quarter: A sliding levee between the Mississippi and Jax Brewery: Random sights in the Garden District: And on our way out of town, views of eastern New Orleans, still bearing the scars […]

Crack House Diary Entry: College Application

This is only a Crackhouse Diary entry in the sense that Susan and I would have never known the author of the following college admission essay had Susan not chosen to teach in a South Central high school.  The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, approached Susan for help with her application process.  Susan brought […]

Les enfants terribles

The primary role of a fundraiser is to manage rich people.  Rich people are hard to manage. I’m exhausted after working on a gala and award ceremony for months. Regular people have to control their whims, desires, and thoughts.  Rich people do not.  They are like badly behaved children. Rich people trust and like their […]

This little Marxist goes bourgeois

Pt. 1: Class conflict(ed) I’m an angry flyer. But it isn’t the poor service, cramped seats, or high prices that raise my ire – you know, the kinds of things that get normal people’s blood boiling. For me it’s the way that most airlines shamelessly highlight the delineation between the haves and have-nots. First class […]

Crack House Diary Entry 03: Squatting in Someone’s Home

There are no ‘abandoned’ houses in South Central. If a house or building is left unoccupied long enough someone will eventually make unofficial use of the structure. HUD foreclosed houses are no exception even though HUD officers visit them a couple of times each week looking for evidence of occupation. Our future house, for example, […]

It’s a crime

Susan Atkins, the member of the Manson family who stabbed the pregnant Sharon Tate, and smeared the word “pig” in Tate’s blood on the murder scene wall, recently made an appeal for a compassionate release from prison. For those not up to speed on her health, Atkins is suffering from the final stages of brain […]

Crack House Diaries: The realtor shows us the house.

The first time we visited the house, we pulled up to find our real estate agent attempting to jimmy the lock on the front door with a $2 hammer and a bent screw driver.  He had already mangled the lock so badly that the key would no longer fit, so the hammer and screwdriver were […]

Crack House Diaries: Part 1

The first nights in the crack house were the worst. It was late August, still pressing ninety degrees at eleven o’clock, the kind of late temperature where even a thin bed sheet would stifle. More oppressive than the heat were the panic attacks, adrenaline pumping fits induced by slight sounds; a honking horn or a […]

Emigration intérieure

I’ve told several writers for this site that a perfectly acceptable post would be a paragraph or two from something that caught their fancy plus a bit of commentary. So, in the spirit of finishing my taxes, allow me to demonstrate: This weekend I needed something to read while waiting for my copy of The […]