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Get your Middleton on again!

When you read this I have no doubt you’ll be sitting in your best dressing gown with a glass of Dom Perignon, removing your rollers and oohing and aahing over Kate’s dress. So if you’re not watching on BBC America where there are no commercial breaks, you’ll have time to test your knowledge with these…answers […]

Get your Middleton on!

  It’s hard to sum up what April 29, 2011 means, but the copy writer at the Franklin Mint has nailed it: Kate Middleton is living the dream every little girl holds dear…and every woman remembers with a smile…becoming a Princess. For the first time in over 350 years, a non-royal like one of us […]

Peasant stuff

Since I moved in with a friend of mine a few months ago, I often walk into the kitchen and find my roommate standing at the stove, stirring a pot of stew or checking on a loaf of something in the oven. “What’s cooking?” I ask. “Eh. Peasant stuff.” She’s from a small European country […]

Have “a” nice day

Zum ersten Mal

By the time I’m scheduled to write my next post, I’ll be in Europe. I’ve gotten a fellowship to do a special course of study in Germany, but I’m taking a week and a half to visit friends in England and Ireland along the way. This wouldn’t be such a huge deal except I’ve never […]

La maison, c’est moi

My family religiously observed the tradition of Sunday dinner (literally, since, as many readers know, family time is a Mormon fetish). Every other week we gathered for the whole evening⎯the grandparents, the siblings, and us, the first cousins. To say the teenaged me took these get-togethers for granted would be a huge understatement, but I […]

Nice Day For A Drive(by)

It’s a rare day that it rains in Los Angeles, and a rarer one that Tim and I spend the afternoon together at home, not running errands or otherwise careening about. The rain had been coming down in sheets for a good part of the morning, and we were cosily tucked at our computers, working […]

Judgement Day

I just finished my jury duty service for the year. For most people, this is something that they hope to avoid as much as possible, and I am no different. If you Google “jury duty Los Angeles” you’ll find as many pages on how to get out of serving as you will on the particulars […]

A medium appropriate to the object of critique

It’s our first-ever podcast. The topic: The most irritating NPR clip of all time.

Cookie jar

Over the last few months an entertaining but depressing scandal has been erupting in British politics.  It turns out that, in spite of the British sense of fair play, our politicians are just as corrupt and disappointing as everyone else’s. Members of Parliament are entitled to claim expenses from the taxpayer for maintaining second homes, […]