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for sale on Craigslist.

Visualizing the exact moment Beyoncé blew up the Internet

This is pretty great. Pow!

51,498 unique visitors

That’s how many TGW had in August of 2007. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

How a record is made

Silent film from 1928 explaining how a Columbia Record is recorded and manufactured. Required viewing. ht @jodyrosen

Laurie on Lou

Here is Laurie Anderson’s farewell tribute to Lou Reed, in Rolling Stone. So beautiful, so sweet.

Lou, John, and Nico – Paris ’72

I’d never seen any footage of this show before. Incredible.

The Music of Nature

You have to listen to the first track of this! Mind. Blown.

Twitter redux

The fact that Twitter remains less mainstream than Facebook is, frankly, a big part of its appeal. An interesting piece from HuffPo in advance of the platform’s IPO.

Moby-Dick marathon livestream

We’ll be reading most of the day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and for a couple hours on Thursday. Check here to see if the livestream is on air. Follow on Twitter and Instagram at #nyuadMD.

One week // one band

I was hankering for The Cure this week and went back to re-read Chris Ott’s terrific posts on the One Week / One Band blog, from about a year ago. Highly recommended for anyone whose emotional life was tied to one or more Cure songs at age 15.