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Almost as catchy as the one about George Washington

This is fun and surprising.

It was 30 years ago …

Somewhere in the last couple weeks, amidst all the completely justified U2 hating, someone mentioned that this is the 30th anniversary of Unforgettable Fire. Made me think of this post, which I just re-read. That comments section!

Perfect poem for perfect Jeff Koons

Carolina Miranda, formerly of C-Monster & now art blogging for the LA Times, has come up with the perfect poem for Koons, assembled from reviews of the Whitney show.

Just waiting/I ain’t waiting

So you guys are gonna pool your money and buy me something off this line for my birthday, right?

L.A. Burnout

It is HERE that you can download a great compilation of 1960s and ’70s L.A.-centric music.

As the maker of the mix says, “L.A. Burnout is made up of the sounds floating around Los Angeles in the late ’60s and ’70s; a faded aural imprint of the canyons, beaches, wildfires, neighborhoods, late-nights and early mornings of a bygone L.A.”

So goooooood.

P.S. I know that downloading is passé. Fight the trend.

Parklife turns 20

A look back at Britpop: It was “the end of the 20th century, and most of what was good in it.”

How to raise a child

10 Rules from Susan Sontag. 8 and 9 made me think most. You?

Punk at 40

Hey, kids. I’ll be in NY in March for some fun Punk stuff, such as this, this, and this, with a few more bits still in the works. Meet up?

The “butt song from hell”

Via The Dish, the story of a Hieronymus Bosch composition brought to life.

Ruh Roh

Oh jeez, the jig is up.