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Metro moments

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Inside the box

Sidewalk trees have a hard life in the city.  Drought, dogs, car doors, pedestrians, construction, along with storms and disease. But we need them and love them.  They provide shade, they absorb carbon monoxide, they soak up stormwater runoff.  And, they are beautiful and green and natural and do something good to our souls. So, […]


I went on a walking tour of the West Campus of St. Elizabeths (intentional no apostrophe) in Washington, D.C. This is a historic asylum.  On the East Campus, there is an active mental hospital housing John Hinckley.  The West Campus is owned by the federal government and is being developed as the headquarters for the […]

Danes attack the British

in outrageous food ban.

Apocalypse mom

As you may be aware, the end is nigh.  When? May 21, 2011.  Why?  Something to do with Jesus explained here. A colleague takes her kids to an elementary school where one mom has told her son the world will end a week on Saturday.  My friend is dying to ask if she’s enrolled him […]

Get your Middleton on again!

When you read this I have no doubt you’ll be sitting in your best dressing gown with a glass of Dom Perignon, removing your rollers and oohing and aahing over Kate’s dress. So if you’re not watching on BBC America where there are no commercial breaks, you’ll have time to test your knowledge with these…answers […]

Get your Middleton on!

  It’s hard to sum up what April 29, 2011 means, but the copy writer at the Franklin Mint has nailed it: Kate Middleton is living the dream every little girl holds dear…and every woman remembers with a smile…becoming a Princess. For the first time in over 350 years, a non-royal like one of us […]

The black tie blues

I know this sounds like a high class problem, but black tie is a bore. Unless of course it’s an event I’m organizing and I want everyone to dress up. I won’t pretend I don’t like walking into a room of admiring looks, so yes, I do like the performance aspect of black tie. But […]

Hearing aid

The latest technology from Britain’s NHS.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

in 5 beautiful minutes with this cool video shared by GOOD.