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Wish fulfillment

You may remember this. So, now you can rejoice in this.   Happy 2012. Love, Stella xxx

The most wonderful night of the year

When the world is a mess, you can fight or shop.  Deep inside the Beltway, a gaggle of women went into a shopping frenzy for beauty products last night. They jack us up on cheap champagne and make us feel that beauty and happiness are just one swipe of a credit card away.  And I […]

Yuppie rides the buses again

I now spend more time than ever on the bus versus the metro.  At my new office, I can get the 42 bus from it’s start all the way to two blocks from my house.  It’s slightly slower than metro+bus or metro+walk, but convenient when it’s cold and wet and I just want to sit […]

Umbrellas, lost and broken

Why is the humble umbrella such a conundrum?  Can we not come up with a design that can open, close, fit in a purse, and withstand a certain degree of bluster? Having spent a day battling New York winds and rains, I am stumped at the imperfections of this essential object.  I propose that we […]

Being there

I’m falling for Tara.  Tara Brach.  The woman who combines Western psychology with Eastern spirituality.  I’ve alleviated the boredom of my morning physical therapy for back pain by listening to her Radical Acceptance audiobook. It’s kind of awesome.  She has ways of dealing with life, the universe and everything.  It’s an ideology, but not one […]

Photography 102

This week…depth of field!  It’s all about the circles of confusion. Larger aperture, smaller depth of field:     Smaller aperture, larger depth of field:     Why does everything in photography work in the inverse? And then slowing and blurring motion with shutter speed.  I spent hours running the shower water but the images […]

Photography 101

Changing shutter speed!! Who knew what a difference it would make!


My parents are only in their early 70s…not so old, right?  Two weeks of vacation with parent 1 and then parent 2 brought me face to face with the brutal reality of our immortality.  Actually, I don’t think it’s the immortality that worries me.  It’s the aging. Mother has always been a challenge.  Apparently, as […]

The hair whisperer

It’s 10 p.m. and I just got home.  From the salon.  No color, no perm.  Just the hair whisperer. I found the hair whisperer many years ago, thanks to a friend.  His tattoos and combat boots were a delightful rarity in the Georgetown salon.  I knew my life was changing when he took my hair […]


  The second image was taken after an extreme spring storm in D.C.  As we face a heat index of 115 degrees today, it seems weather patterns have changed dramatically due to climate change. The third image is me in a Zipcar queuing at the monthly toxic waste collection event at Fort Totten to dispose […]