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Weekend recs

The perfect teenage love story is about discovery: finding self, a beloved, a messed up world and the promise that love can save the day. Warm Bodies presents this satisfying combination through a zombie Romeo and a living Juliet, outcast from their respective houses, who connect over vintage music and teach the grownups how to […]

Ebay item of the week: For the heart that has everything

Marquette Electronics MAC PC EKG Electrocardiogram. This is the next SoCal party craze, following up on oxygen bars and botox parties. Come over, have a glass of wine, and get your heart rhythm checked. Seriously, I had no idea they sold these on Ebay. In a strange way, it would be completely badass to have […]

Ebay item of the week: Male dog diaper pattern

SEW a Male Dog Belly Band Diaper and Dog Bandana !!! What’s great about this is that it’s (1) easy to sew (“Even absolute beginner sewers can make this belly band and matching bandana [sic] in LESS THAN ONE HOUR!”) and (2) matching — you can make a belly band AND a bandanna, basically a […]

The third annual Whatsies

Well, that’s another year under our belts, with plenty of changes in the world at large and on the site itself. For a brief summing up, let’s hand the mic to Jeremy: So this year TGW was memorable for several things. First of all, of course, it was an election year–The Election Year–and so, it […]

Live-blogging the election (sort of, but not really)

Long Beach, CA, PST: 8:00 am. Scott, Steph, Jeremy: Voting, woohoo! (Except, well, we can’t fuck this up again, can we? Yes, we can… Yes, we can…) 8:02 am. Scott: Got a little choked up while inking in my NO on 8 (couldn’t find the box for HELL NO!, so had to settle for (just) […]

Multimedia: More short reviews

What we’re watching, reading/looking at, watching, and, uh, rejecting: The American Experience, “Walt Whitman” (PBS) Last Thursday night we serendipitously stumbled upon the broadcast of The American Experience episode on Walt Whitman. One commentator noted that “it was as if Whitman had read a want ad’s notice for ‘National Poet’ and signed up.” For me, […]

Just the two of us: More short reviews

I suppose the rest of you will put your reviews in the comments. Mainstream media “The job of a newspaper,” goes the old saying, “is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Newspapers used to be seen as protectors of the little guy, seekers of truth, pillars of the community. Now, the “mainstream media” […]

Disarmingly decorative

If you’re in New York tomorrow evening, you could do worse than to drop by the opening of our very own Lane Twitchell’s new show at Roebling Hall in Chelsea. (At the very least, go see it before it closes in a month.)From the press release: In the Project Room, Roebling Hall is pleased to […]

Who let the dogs out? More short reviews

We bring you more short (less-than-100-word) reviews, and although we haven’t actually counted words, we suspect that at least one is in solidarity with the current administration’s disregard for the rule of law. Sundance 2008 I suppose it could be argued that what made U23D an “indie” film is the independent technology behind the film; […]

Year in review: The 2007 Whatsie awards

We’ve made it to the end of our second year with nary a hitch: Yes, a few writers have gone into retirement — only temporarily, we hope — but we’ve gained new ones, too, and had at least one prodigal daughter return. Once again, we’re pretty happy with the amount of (mostly) good text we’ve […]