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A Child is Born to Dad and Papa

What an incredibly joyous reason to write a post. I am so happy to introduce Hanover Robinson Gottlock to you all! Our dear friends (and former TGW contributers) Brian and Robbins Gottlock welcomed their first son into the world last Thursday November 12, 2009, at 8:54 AM. He arrived 3.5 weeks premature and weighed in […]

Thursday Playlist: Sunday Morning Mix

Sunday mornings are lovely, no? Around these parts, there are few things that we enjoy early on a Sunday more than than a hot french press of strong coffee, the Sunday Times, and a decent soundtrack. To be honest, we never really listened to these songs all together, much less in this sequence. But they […]

Up in our backyard

Back when Farrell and I first moved into our house, our backyard was a cement slab that we used as a space for constructing scaffolding for other projects, but we knew someday that it would be a place where we would want to hang out and enjoy summertime. There was a bathroom on the back […]

TGW family reunion

I can’t believe that in just two short weeks, greatwhatsitters will begin to arrive in Philly in preparation for our first annual summit! Farrell and I have officially moved downstairs to the first floor of our house, the one pictured in my previous demolition posts. I know this must seem inconceivable, and indeed, it does […]

Lots of things are more interesting than working

Here are some things I’ve thought were loads more fun than being at work in the past week: 1. Halloween. It has always been my favorite holiday, from the time I was little and my mom used to make me whatever costume I asked for. Farrell and I have enjoyed many a zany Halloween holiday, […]

How did I get here? (Part One)

Bryan’s recent mention of the David Byrne perennially-relevant lyrics “How did I get here?” reached me in a very personal way. Recently, I have found myself complaining to Farrell on an almost-nightly basis about the frustrations of my current job. (And Lisa P, that’s AFTER self-censorship whittles things down…) Anyway, I decided that for my […]

Monkey suit not included

Greetings, good people. What a long and lonely summer it has been, estranged from your loving attention and thoughtful comments. I have so enjoyed my daily visits to TGW, despite the fact that I have relegated myself to lurker status. I am almost intimidated to rejoin the ranks of such talented and entertaining writers. Really. […]

Radiohead at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia

Musically speaking, I remember my teen years with a warm and fuzzy glow. Looking back, I realize how lucky I was. The first formal concert I attended was Laurie Anderson on the Mr. Heartbreak tour, 1984 at Constitution Hall, with my friend Annie. I remember being blown away by the visual aspects and the mood […]

Made from flavors specially blended in the traditional hillbilly style

It was another weekend of smashing here at the Fawcett/Honeycups household. The projects on the docket included tearing down a wall that separated the rooms in the front of the house: We also removed the cinderblocks that closed off a window on the front of the building, and tore out another wall on the second […]


This is part three of my series documenting the demolition of the first floor of our house. Welcome back!! Just in case someone out there can’t remember my last two posts verbatim, this is what the space looked like when we started: