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Jesus in the news

Jesus, often accused of diversion and rabble rousing, has managed to distract the media again, even in a week where Mitt is sporting a suspicious tan. The news this time?  A fourth century papyrus hinting he may have had a wife.   The scholar who announced her discovery is an expert in early Christianity and presented […]

The dumpster

One day there was a construction dumpster in our driveway. We share a driveway with our neighbor and she explained she was having work done on her house. She went on to say that we were welcome to use the dumpster to throw away anything too big for the weekly garbage pickup. This was great […]

What I think of this

The waitress walked up and surveyed our table. “What do you think of this?” she asked. I had my head down trying to sort out what seemed like a byzantine list of options. To assemble my custom burger, I had to choose from five different categories of exotic ingredients. I was overwhelmed on page two […]

The trouble with talking

It used to be that a person driving in a car alone, grinning broadly, sobbing or staring rapt and open mouthed would be considered a little loony. People would quickly glance away before the nose picking began. Today we assume a Bluetooth is in the ear we can’t see. So I can get away with […]

Fence sitting

If my particular cocktail of genetics, science and luck follow the patterns of my grandparents, I may be at the exact halfway point in my life. I often imagine myself as tiptoeing on the top of a fence that divides youth and old age, my arms thrown wide, trying to keep it all, trying to balance; one hand […]


When I was in sixth grade I started a fight at school. Actually it wasn’t much of a fight. I attacked and the other girl cried. Here is what happened. The teacher asked us to create family crests. We were given a sheet of construction paper with a shield shape mimeographed on one side. The […]

Opening night

I had trouble concentrating today. I was even more fidgety than usual: shuffling printed emails into random stacks, moving my pen from tote to desk and then dropping it on the floor, walking into rooms without remembering why. My body was jerky, projecting sympathetic butterflies from another stomach. Tonight is opening night for my son, the […]

Defending Rudolph

When I was four, we lived in an apartment complex that divided a gingerbread house neighborhood and a ramshackle, riverbank neighborhood – one with neat little blocks of brick and garden, the other with litter strewn yards, debris from basements flooded every spring. Our buildings stood in between, a corridor of indecision for renters on […]