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Pretty Saro

 Sometimes a song is more than a song.   Sometimes you hear a song for the first time when your heart is breaking. When you are left and lost and sure no one has ever felt this alone. Then you hear this song and it is everything you feel sung exactly how you feel it. It is […]

Ordinary adventures

My head is wrapped in a towel as I sit down and face the mirror. As she unwinds and reveals the results of the eye-burning wait, my hair tumbles out: the usual brunette, now with two banana yellow stripes along each side of my face. Not what I was expecting. My son is in the […]

Under the mask

I remember the exact moment when I knew I was an adult. I was looking down at a scrap of paper someone had dropped on the floor. I could hear my mother’s voice in my head. As kids we just walked over things – trash, shoes, backpacks – and my mother would harangue us with incredulous […]

I am sad Amy Winehouse is dead

I am sad Amy Winehouse is dead. I said this to a coworker on Monday morning. He said, “People die of addiction every day, why should her death be any sadder than anyone else’s.” He responded quickly, as if he had thought about it. Throughout the week I have heard bits and pieces of conversation. […]

Spoiler alert: the boy lives . . . again.

Forty-nine mixes later – highlights of trip

My son and I just got back from a 15 day road trip to explore possible college choices. Here are a few highlights. Best Advice, Fun Facts and Wisdom from Student Tour Guides: “The swans living on this pond are the 13th generation from the original swans brought here when the school was established!” “If you […]

Forty-nine mixes later

His job is to build music mixes. He has created about thirty so far. He will make one for each hour, exactly nineteen songs each. Thematic titles include: Eagle Eye, Boys go to Jupiter, Girls have Cooties, Don’t, 3rdDegree Burns, The Start of Something Good, Oxygen, Slumber Party, Skyline, Say it Loud, Outer Space and Bad […]

2,841 and counting

I was straightening clutter in my front room the other day when, at the fluke edge of my eye, I saw a piece of cardboard wedged behind a cabinet. The color of the paper seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn’t quite determine what it was. Frustrated from trying to flatten my hand behind the back […]

Easter at our house

This weekend we will hard boil two dozen eggs. We will layer newspaper, line up every teacup we can find and open several decorating kits. Combining dye pellets, vinegar and water in the cups, we will argue about the best way to color the eggs. Do you just plop them in, suspend them for perfect […]

Favorite things

The flu with a subsequent hacking cough. An endless job transition. Another day of 39 degree Spring. Summer clothes that are now strangely ill fitting after a long winter of eating chocolate and hibernating. Other irritating events that cannot be posted without libel. And when in the hell is Easter? Ever had one of those […]