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No pressure

Palm Springs is a town of low, flat roofs.  It is a white and brown and green and orange town with washed watery sky.  There are perfectly square neighborhood blocks where you can get lost on your bike.  Palm Springs has entirely too many golf courses.  It is a place to have drinks by the […]

Older: a confession

On what I remember as our third date, I suggested that John and I see What the Bleep Do We Know? at the Beverly Center. We sat through the film, my head on his shoulder, but I had trouble paying attention. See, I had discovered (on our second date) that I was eleven years older […]

The Great Whatsit Holiday Special

Friends, it’s time to gather around and enjoy an interactive Whatsit Holiday Spectacular. Take this opportunity to spread a bit of cheer to friends and current (or former) lovers by reaching into your heart (need you be reminded that this is the time of giving?) and telling us: who reminds you most of “Mall Santa”? […]

A triangle has three sides

Welcome, friends, to Scientology Mecca. That is, Los Angeles. When you live here, or even if you don’t, you tend to have encounters with people who are Scientologists. These folks don’t necessarily tell you they claim L. Ron Hubbard as a guru, but instead may engage you in looping, leading conversation in order to ultimately, […]

How we roll

You begin by accepting the charge to organize a “reward” field trip for the school where you work. Recognize that it’s an honor to be considered for such a job, a privilege. And what with permission slips, insurance, and transportation to consider, a supreme mind-fuck. Two-hundred teenagers. Feel both pride and confusion. You love them; […]