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Assigning, Responding, Evaluating

Ch. 1: Topics for exploration Dear Student, What is writing? Well, what isn’t writing? Consider this: it is possible that every thought you’ve ever had is a form of “writing.” Or maybe that’s not it at all. Confused yet? That’s because writing is hard, but sometimes fun. Really, sometimes writing sucks. Or does it? Here […]

How is your skeleton?

Bjork on Iceland’s economy. Sort of.

If you were looking for a song about a flag

Here’s a patriotic precursor to the inauguration. [And in a bit of shameless self-promotion, that’s me and the husband on tracks 3 and 4.] Have a nice Obama presidency!

Really, this could be useful to you someday

or at least it made me laugh for a good ten minutes. run with the devil, people.

Neighborhood Watch

The Sheriff lives on Filion Street. The Sheriff is a woman named Brittney. The Sheriff is not really a sheriff at all, yet has presented the following behaviors: -Chalk marked our renter Jason’s car tires. -Left notes on Jason’s car, my husband’s car, our neighbor Joe’s car, and in our mailbox (Allegedly. More on these […]

Losing the nomination

First off, this isn’t a Hillary-bashing post—I’m trying really hard to avoid that in the tone here (but I write this as an Obama supporter). Many individuals feel, I think somewhat logically, that Hillary is the most viable candidate for the big Fall election. But logic or not, I can’t ignore my gut. Hillary just […]

High School Musical, Part XX

This morning I wake up with a Steely Dan song in my head, so I know it’s going to be a good day. Perhaps I feel a little cynical, but overall, a good day. The last verse from “My Old School” reflects my attitude—and this post—nicely: California tumbles into the sea That’ll be the day […]

Twelve days of silent meditation

On the first day of sitting: We go silent at 5:00 p.m, but first, we sign in, read over the instructions for the week and wait around for the orientation. I make a final phone call to my boyfriend of six months, letting him know I’ll call him once I’m on the “other side” of […]

Thursday playlist: Analogy edition

(For those of you embedded in academia and/or standardized test prep) 1. Cause and Effect The Chiffons, “He’s So Fine” is to George Harrison, “My Sweet Lord” as T-Rex “Metal Guru” is to Louis XIV, “Letter to Dominique.” 2. Part to Whole Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby” is to David Bowie and Queen, “Under Pressure” […]

Wurld peese

What provokes your strongest reaction, dear reader, in today’s TGW title: the spelling or the idea? Basically, I wanted to avoid the pat reaction that some might have after reading such utopian words—world peace! (spelled correctly)—at the top of the page today.Well, what does happen to you when you encounter these words (spelled correctly)—on a […]