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Who wants to go for a damn hike?

Are you sitting at a desk right now? Doing a little Internet surfing in between bouts of Candy Crush, or checking your Facebook page, or maybe even some work? Do you want to stop doing those things and go for a damn hike? Come on, dammit! It’s time for some fresh air. Here’s a view. […]

Cher and Cher alike

Not sure why, but this fills me with delight:  famous Cher impersonator Chad Michaels performs for an audience in West Hollywood that includes… Cher. [youtube][/youtube]    

Administrative notice

In digging through some of my old files recently, I came across this: It’s an administrative notice, dated December 13, 1988, that was posted at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. I was living on the embassy compound at the time, but had forgotten completely about this particular notice. Here is the full text: To:  All […]

The fantastic, futuristic world of 2001…

… as envisioned in 1967. Walter Cronkite walks us through what computers might be able to do for us in the 21st century!   [youtube][/youtube]   As one YouTube commenter noted, “He’d crap his pants if you told him that actually all that stuff fits in your pocket… and we mainly use it to share […]

One-stop shopping for your xmas list!

Falling behind on your holiday gift shopping? Avoid the mall, spurn the gift cards, save your precious time: these gifts are all you need to please even the most persnickety of friends and relations! 1. Who doesn’t love a holiday sweater? Especially one from a site called   2. Who hasn’t dreamed of a […]

Hooray for…

Dollywood! RB and I made a pilgrimage to that great land over Thanksgiving, and it was significantly less boobsy, and more Jesus-y, than I had imagined… I expected roller coasters with names like “Twin Peaks” and sodas served in “D-cups” (for Dollywood, of course), but Dollywood was resolutely family-friendly. But still, this is Dolly we’re […]

Oh frabjous day!

Four years ago, we in California were euphoric when Obama was declared the victor over McCain. Our joy lasted about 20 minutes, until we got news that Proposition 8 had passed, removing the right to marry. What a difference four years make. Thank you, Barack Obama, for coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. And […]

I am freeking out.

How did this happen? How is this presidential race so close now, after months of Mitt Romney stumbling and bumbling his way through a zillion gaffes? I just can’t believe that we’re down to the wire like this, that Mitt — he who refuses to release tax returns!, who changes his position the way some […]

Drug art pop quiz

Washington, D.C. artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took lots of different kinds of drugs. After ingesting each one, he drew a self-portrait. The resulting collection, titled Drugs, is a fascinating window into how different substances affect the mind. Click here for the full collection, but before doing so, try this pop quiz. The portraits below were […]

How I spent my summer

Inspired by the return of BW to these parts, I hereby resume posting at TGW after a brief hiatus. And in the spirit of his post, here’s what’s been going on with me. In June, I ate some doughnuts.   I also went back to my university for the first time in years, and I […]