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Yoshitomo Nara at Pace (closed June 29).

How to survive a trip to the most heartbreaking place on earth (and still have your heart broken)

Trust me. You will feel it. You will feel guilt and sorrow and frustration. You will fool yourself into thinking that you feel empathy, too, but you don’t. Not really. Not truly. Because how could you know what it’s like? To be born into this. To be doomed from conception. But you will grieve. You […]

So you’ve decided to have surgery!

Congratulations, you’ve decided to go for it. Good for you! Having surgery is an important step in your life. Actually, it’s sort of like having a kid: although not as potentially cute, your surgery could be just as hobbling, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. OK, so here are some recommendations for […]

This I believe (pessimist edition)

I believe that this is just the beginning. I believe that the economy will get worse and worse, as housing prices keep falling and unemployment keeps rising and corporations keep failing. I believe that, at some point, not only will it be difficult to find a job, it will be impossible—in fact, eventually the very […]

2008: top-fives

Some of mine… Film: Let the Right One In (Sweden) Synechdoche, New York Tell No One (France) Milk The Dark Knight TV: The Wire The Mighty Boosh (British import: DVD) Gossip Girl The Daily Show The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric Music: Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago Atlas Sound: Let the Blind Lead […]

And so my political-blog obsession comes to an end?

Like many of you in this latest political season, I was enthralled by the incessant hour-to-minute-to-second news cycle, constantly clicking refresh on my favorite news sources and blogs, from The Huffington Post to FiveThirtyEight to Matthew Yglesias to Salon’s Glen Greenwald. My consistent obsession, though, was Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish—but not because his blog is […]

Why the Olympics totally blow

Ugh. Has it been four years already? Yes, as you all know, the Olympics are here again. (Well, not here but in China or wherever.) Apologies to Dave, whose (admittedly tepid) “love” for the Olympics was captured earlier this week, but here’s why I pretty much loathe the Olympics and why I hope they never […]

Thursday playlist: what now? edition

So, someone dropped the ball on today’s playlist. (Yes, it was me. And, yes, apparently Thursdays fall apart when Dave’s not around to keep them going…) But, because Thursdays have been ever-changing, ranging from (initially) regular posting slots to short reviews to open threads to (most recently) playlists, I was wondering… Should we keep up […]

Idle hands

Summer is treacherous. Summer scares me, just a little… Well, actually, what I should say is—I scare me. Before summer begins, my life is a series of duties and responsibilities, schedules and lists. A typical weekday: 9:30 – 12:00: grade 9 papers 12:00 – 1:00: take a break, eat something (if there’s time?) 1:00 – […]

A glutton on either coast

Too jet-lagged and full after a truly debauched trip to New York and Philly, I’m going to let the images of my gluttony speak for themselves. Recommendations: having Trixie or Scotty make you a nice steak, or tracking down wonderful Bangladeshi food in Queens, or indulging in (hangover-cure) dim sum in Brooklyn’s Chinatown. Back in […]