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Perfect poem for perfect Jeff Koons

Carolina Miranda, formerly of C-Monster & now art blogging for the LA Times, has come up with the perfect poem for Koons, assembled from reviews of the Whitney show.

Just waiting/I ain’t waiting

So you guys are gonna pool your money and buy me something off this line for my birthday, right?

bw’s summer 2014 mixtape

summer 2014 mixtape from _waterman on 8tracks Radio.   Here are my summer 2014 high-rotation tunes. If the new stuff’s not new to you, maybe the old will be, or vice versa. If you fast-forward track 8 I’m not sure if we can still be friends. Otherwise, talk it out in the comments section. Download […]

“I felt …”: Thoughts on Richard Serra and #SerraQatar

Photos by Molly Waterman If you follow me on Instagram you already got an eyefull of our trip to Doha a couple weeks ago. We were there, basically, to see a whole lot of Richard Serra, which we did over three days. I wrote a piece about it for Hyperallergic, which they posted last week. […]

TGW spins: Sunbathing Animal

So I feel like I’d just come to terms with how much I relish Parquet Courts’ breakthrough LP, Light Up Gold, when — BAM — they’ve dropped another record. Their third album, Sunbathing Animal will still remind you of Pavement at times, maybe Beat Happening, or other bands on the thru-line that runs from those […]

Parklife turns 20

A look back at Britpop: It was “the end of the 20th century, and most of what was good in it.”

TGW spins: Todd Terje

Hi, friends. This has been thoroughly pimped on Pitchfork for a couple weeks, including a Best New Album nod and review by Mike Powell, but it’s deliriously enjoyable and I wouldn’t mind knowing we were all giving it a spin. Count this as virtual record club, then. I hope you have something to say. Here’s […]

How to raise a child

10 Rules from Susan Sontag. 8 and 9 made me think most. You?

Punk at 40

Hey, kids. I’ll be in NY in March for some fun Punk stuff, such as this, this, and this, with a few more bits still in the works. Meet up?

21 from 2013

21 from 2013 from _waterman on 8tracks Radio. Some songs that were published in 2013. Mood: laid back, late night. Most of these come from albums that were also favorites, so you may as well count this as a top 21 list too, though these tracks were picked for the mix, not necessarily because I […]