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My girlfriend is Vietnamese

I’ve been wanting to write the piece you are about to read for several weeks now, and I’ve been thinking about the topic for much longer than that. Yet, as I start to write it, it occurs to me that what I’m writing might detract somewhat from folks’ Christmas spirit, and for that I apologize. […]

Life and death in the long tail of music

One of my favorite pastimes is shopping for and collecting vinyl records. Old recordings, new recordings, hard-to-find recordings, you name it. If it’s an album that I like, or has a song that I like a lot, I need it on vinyl. It’s an odd obsession, perhaps. Odd because it is neither logical nor practical […]

Is technology killing privacy?

As you read this, armies of skilled professionals are rummaging through various digital dossiers they have collected on you. They’ve acquired an impressive array of data points, and they are trying out different algorithms to characterize and predict your behavior. These people don’t work for some shadowy government agency, although some of them do wear […]