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Ten years on

Ten years and two days ago, I gave my mom a hug in the driveway of her home in Silver Spring, got into my 1996 ‘Bob Marley’ Saturn sedan (named thusly because of the Bob Marley sticker that covered the insignia on the back, and of course my obsession with Bob Marley that shamelessly continues […]

Drop the freaking ball already!

What’s up TGW!  Long time, no post, what? In the veritable interregnum between my TGW posts, a great deal has transpired, both personally and in the world at large. I have done the ultimate cross country trip, moving out to New York and back to my beloved San Francisco in a matter of months.  I […]

Out of the frying pan…

As you read this I’m on a road trip from San Francisco to Philadelphia, ostensibly to take on a new adventure in life. Yes, you read correctly. I’m driving cross country, in a rented car, in the heat of summer, when gas prices are at an historic high. A more sensible person might ask why, […]

The good fight

One of my poorly defined goals for 2008 is to start spending more of my time working on projects that improve the lives of others in direct ways. I’ve been a technologist, developer and data geek for 11 years now, and over time my work has trended away from socially meaningful projects. As I alluded […]

Thursday Playlist: The Breaks (Through, Down, Up, Out)

I started toying with an early version of this playlist several months ago when I was going through a breakup. Originally, it was a collection of tracks that I threw into an iTunes playlist – songs that either reminded me of the ‘good’ parts of the relationship that was ending, songs that fortified me against […]

A poignant and moving blog posting

I had big, big plans for a riveting and insightful post today. I reserved this spot several weeks ago after consulting with my calendar and horse-trading with some of the other West Coast Wednesday posters over who would get the much coveted Wednesday spot this week. But here it is, Tuesday night, and I’m afraid, […]

A country for old men

In college I became so angry with the outrageous acts my government has commited, ostensibly on my behalf, that I researched renouncing my United States citizenship. This research was not merely about youthful anger, it was also guiding my honor’s thesis. My basic thesis was that the nation state was a problematic construction that didn’t […]

Three reviews and a video: What I did last week

[ A note to readers: There is no central theme to this post, besides what I’ve been enjoying aurally, visually and intellectually in the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy these short reviews as much as I enjoyed consuming the subject of the reviews.] 1. Radiohead: In Rainbows There’s been a ton of press […]

Over the counter culture

Labor Day weekend in San Francisco is always fairly quiet because all the cool kids have packed their fur-covered beach cruisers, art projects and drug collections into their gas guzzling SUV’s with “No Blood For Oil!” bumper stickers and caravaned over to Black Rock Desert, Nevada, for the annual non-conformist, anti-capitalist, pro-anarchist, pro-nudity, post-modern, pre-Armageddon […]

South Philly through your arteries

One of the things I love about music is how it frames one’s mental images about events, time and place. A song, album or band might remind you of an era in your life, say a semester in college or a particularly tough breakup; or of a certain activity, driving to high school in your […]