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Thursday Favorites: The Women’s Pages

Let’s start by talking about the dress. You know, THE dress, the Narciso Rodriguez dress Michelle Obama wore on election night. I seem to be alone among my friends in loving this dress. I agree with Anthony Dickey when he called it “odd and fantastic… like having a black family in the White House is […]

Thursday Playlist: Superheroes

We kind of skipped out on the whole kids’ music scene, and now that our son Jasper is approaching five it looks like we’ve left it behind. I know kids’ music has gotten much better in the past ten years, what with all the aging B- and C-list recording artists starting second careers once they […]

Longing for Barragán

It is during the summer months that I feel most Mexican. My skin deepens to its ideal olive shade and relaxes into perpetual heat. I have the benefit, if you can call it that, of wearing my ethnicity lightly. It is just one generation away on one side, two generations away on the other, and […]

Love me three times

I have to laugh whenever opponents to same-sex marriage use the slippery-slope argument, “If we let gays marry, what’s next? Polygamy?” I always want to say, Maybe. What would be so terrible about that? No, I hear you. Think of all the cultures that have practiced polygamy, and specifically polygyny, from the ancient Mexica to […]