Art quiz

Please match the work of art with the artist:









Please choose from the following:

A. Bob Dylan

B. Golfer Michelle Wie

C. Adolph Hitler

D. Paul McCartney

E. Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley

F. John Wayne Gacy

G. Jack Kevorkian

H. Anthony Hopkins

Correct answers will be posted this afternoon, to give everyone a chance to play.

Bonus essay question: Is any of this art good? Which? And Why?

14 responses to “Art quiz”

  1. ScottyGee says:

    I’d be really bad at figuring out who did which, but I must say that I do love the painting of the anti-semitic Easter bunnies. Maybe Paul Stanley?

    I know that 4 is AH and that 5 is JWG

  2. Rogan says:

    I agree with ScottyGee’s two answers. I think the ‘anti-Semitic Easter bunnies’ belong to Jack Kevorkian (I saw some of his work on 60 Minutes last week).

    Now for guessing (plus previous answers):

    1 = E; 2 = G; 3 = D; 4 = C; 5 = F; 6 = A; 7 = H; 8 = B

    Is any of the art good? I think everyone should make art, so it is all great, in my book.

  3. swells says:

    I went down the list randomly making guesses out loud for about half of these paintings, not knowing there would be choices at the end. Nobody I guessed was even on the list. I actually kinda like Dylan’s (and even Hitler’s). The Gacy one, though–as Tim would say, shiver me timbers.

  4. I think #1 is Dylan, the others, no idee. Any of it good? I kind of like 6 7 and 8; but I’m not much of a judge of these things. Hey wait, how does Swells know which is which?

  5. Dave says:

    Hitler did #4.

    I’d guess #6 is Dylan, and it’s the best one.

    #3 has a nice Pop sensibility, badly executed. Maybe Anthony Hopkins?

    I’d guess #2 is McCartney, but not sure.

  6. swells says:

    um, not to give it away, but some are signed.

  7. Edwin Marseille-Thomas says:

    6: Ha! I hadn’t noticed that.

    Any more guesses? I’ll post the answers in the next hour.

  8. Edwin Marseille-Thomas says:

    Er, Lisa will.

  9. Donald Chestnut-Lambert says:

    1. McCartney (saw the sig)
    2. Kevorkian
    3. Norman Bates
    4. Hitler (knew it, but also signed)
    5. Gacy (brrrr)
    6. Paul Stanley
    7. Robert Zimmerman
    8. Michelle Wie

  10. 8: Oh yeah, Huh. So my one guess was wrong…

  11. LP says:

    Students, put your pencils down. Here are the answers:

    1. Paul McCartney
    2. Jack Kevorkian
    3. Michelle Wie
    4. Adolph Hitler
    5. John Wayne Gacy
    6. Bob Dylan
    7. Anthony Hopkins
    8. Paul Stanley

    Thank you for playing!

  12. Donald Chestnut-Lambert says:

    Interesting, I never thought Michelle Wie would produce such overtly political art. Also, I must have missed Bobby D.’s blue period.

  13. LP says:

    BTW, Donald C-L, you are thinking of Anthony Perkins. Anthony Hopkins is Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

  14. swells says:

    And btw, my name is not Swells; it’s Donnell Mercer-Kidd.