Post-election haiku: Let the love flow!

Farrell Fawcett offers these for starters:

In January
an effing terrorist can
finally have a 

partial birth ‘bortion
then send the fetus on to
Michael J. Fox so

he can inject it
directly into his spine
and cure parkinsons

while smoking ganga
rolled in US flags, and then
marry his boyfriend

ha ha ha ha ha
hee hee ho ho ho la la
la di da da da

the Democratic
agenda is revealed in
all its full glory.

Let the love flow!

13 responses to “Post-election haiku: Let the love flow!”

  1. farrell fawcett says:

    in the interest of medical precision:

    can now inject stem
    cells into his depleted
    substantia nigra

    sorry for the confusion.

  2. i also had to police the syllables a little but i think i’ve got everything in order there.

  3. Dave says:

    Let subpoenas flow!
    Our long national nightmare
    should end in the Hague.

  4. dave, that’s damn genius. i think it should end in a hanging or two, too.

  5. trixie says:

    thanks bry,
    i was going to say
    “a terrorist can at last”
    but “an effing terrorist can” is fine by me too.
    thanks for doing that.
    it’s probably my job, as a common law wife, but i rarely pay attention to rules, as you know.
    can’t wait to see your new place, foxy manhattanite (and foxy family)

  6. PB says:

    Balance from the roots
    People have spoken with heart
    Still a fascist head

    Pardon my caution
    The mess is a miasma
    Inheritance sucks

    Pabst Blue Ribbon is
    A big buzz kill Eyore gloom
    Just be happy now

  7. Lisa Parrish says:


  8. Scott says:

    Democratic House,
    and Democratic Senate;
    shit your pants in joy!

  9. Scott says:

    BTW, Ferrell,

    ha ha ha ha ha
    hee hee ho ho ho la la
    la di da da da

    might be the best haiku ever written.

  10. Scott says:

    Um, I mean Farrell

  11. Stephanie Wells says:

    Californya, huh?
    Sposeta be the bluest state;
    Schwarzennegger wins.

    In Virginia, though,
    Where I once lived red-state hell,
    Blueness saves the day!

  12. Stephanie Wells says:

    One plane crash away
    From our brand new president:

  13. stephanie just pointed out to me that Time Out is plugging a new book called Hipster Haiku. My favorite, which could be my personal theme haiku:

    Above 14th Street
    For the first time in two years.
    Where the fuck am I?