Tuesday video: Cheesy movie quotes

I’m such a sucker for video compilations like this: the 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time. The ones I knew were amusing; some of the ones I didn’t were absolutely transcendent. A few observations:

– “You sack of wine!” Whoa! I’d heard Troy was bad, but this clip was positively bad-tastic!

– I enjoyed being reminded how ludicrously poor the acting was in the Star Wars prequels. Just what kind of accent is Hayden Christensen attempting here?

– Seeing Tom Hanks do a snippet of Forrest Gump now is just painful. And I was not a hater when the movie came out.

– “Cheese and crackers!” M. Night Shyamalan is such a hack.

– So… much… Schwarzenegger.

– I REALLY want to see Battlefield Earth now. Could it possibly be… the worst movie ever made? Anyone want to join for a viewing?


6 responses to “Tuesday video: Cheesy movie quotes”

  1. KS says:

    I don’t know why no one is commenting on this. It’s a gas! I’m ashamed by how many of these films I’ve seen. Thanks for the fun link, LP!!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    What in god’s name is the movie where James Earl Jones is dressed up like Simba and is threatening to spit leopards?

  3. LP says:

    Thanks, KS! I thought it was pretty fun, too, though there are legions of great cheeseball lines that have been left out. It seems to be a rather random collection, and a few of the lines I thought weren’t really cheesy at all.

    Meanwhile, a question for the assembly: Natalie Portman, yea or nay?

  4. swells says:

    Nay. Actually, nay is too strong. It’s more like naah.

  5. ScottyGee says:

    The crazy thing is that Steven Seagal comes off better than any of the others.

  6. swells says:

    Now I know why I never saw “Top Gun”–my stomach actually lurched at that one!