Monday photo: the kindness of strangers


14 responses to “Monday photo: the kindness of strangers”

  1. S. Godfree says:

    Sorry. I had to update the photo, so these comments don’t match the new image.

  2. Tim says:

    I like this photo, but what happened to the other one?

  3. lane says:


    do you want the monday slot for a while?

  4. ScottyGee says:

    Lane: Thanks! I’d love to fill in for a while.

  5. ScottyGee says:

    Sorry Tim. I just had to throw some good vibes up there.

    This man, Edward, was so pleased when I asked him if I could shoot his photo, and I wanted to share his beautiful smile with you all.

  6. swells says:

    I met him too, and I can vouch: he was a treat.

  7. J-man says:

    Okay, but why did you take down the other photo? I really liked it.

  8. LP says:

    PS: Some of us didn’t get to see the other photo, and are burning with curiosity. Can you post both?

  9. lane says:

    yeah . . . weird form.

    but memorable. to be sure . . .

  10. J-man says:

    …and even if I didn’t like it, that’s not the point. Scotty, are you now going to the be the arbiter of post appropriatness? If a post doesn’t suit you, you’ll just take it down?

  11. ScottyGee says:

    The artist was unhappy that I posted an image of his work… That’s all. Sorry to ruffle so many feathers.

  12. J-man says:

    Sorry Scotty – I thought it was Lane that had posted the first photo, and I didn’t understand why you would randomly wipe out the photo as well as our comments with no explanation. Thank you for clarifying, and I apologize for my snippy-ness. Please tell the artist that I really liked the construction.

    I really like this photo as well, btw.

  13. Tim says:

    Ah, understood. This is a very sweet photo, too!

  14. lane says:

    oh, the artist should thicken that skin. that little doodad was terrific!

    such a great entry point to the koon’s conversation. what IS the difference between that doodad and a Koons?

    anyway, people are probably sick of that. and thanks for taking over the monday slot scott, i look forward to your posts!