Happy New Years!

I’m not going to write anything too extensive right now considering it’s nine in the morning and my head is throbbing, but I wish you all an incredibly wonderful 2010. 2010! It’s the future! Hopefully by now you’ve all rolled out of your levitating beds and have taken your space-aspirin to deal with your space-hangovers* and are slowly getting your space-days started. Welcome to a new decade, friends.


*In the future, all nouns are prefaced with the word “space” and a hyphen.


4 responses to “Happy New Years!”

  1. Tim Wager says:


  2. Andrew says:

    That’s just what I figured 2010 would be like when I was growing up.

  3. lane says:

    shasha baron-cohen!

    happy new year TGW!

    and we just got back from Up In the Air. Great film, highly recommended. (and I fall asleep in many, many movies. Thus I must have great taste, or very high standards, but then again Dave probably has some highly logical argument against this grandstanding and reducing it to just another logical fallacy.)

    once again . . . happy new year.

  4. Rogan says:

    Happy New year y’all!