Xmas mishmash

Merry Xmas, Whatsiters! For today’s post, a mishmash of virtual gifts for you, culled from various websites over the past week or two.

First, a spirited rendition of What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers. Italian singer Adriano Celentano wrote a song with nonsense lyrics intended to sound like English, then shot this fantastic video with a disco-flavored dance number. What’s it about? Who knows!


Second, a website where artists paint the things they want, then sell the paintings for exactly the amount of money they need to buy those things – for example, a Snuggie (just $58.98!). Yes, it’s gimmicky. But there’s something oddly charming about the idea, and the pictures too.


Third, who doesn’t love magic tricks? Especially around the holidays, when there are impressionable children to amaze and endless family hours to fill? Here are 10 simple tricks you can learn, from an apparently headless Englishman named Richard Wiseman:


Fourth, the incredible story of the secret Prohibition-era bowling alley recently discovered in the basement of a building in Queens. Do click through – the photos and story are amazing.


And finally, our olde TGWe favorite, The Christmas Tree:


Happy holidaze to all!

One response to “Xmas mishmash”

  1. Tim says:

    I love that crazy song. At points it does sound like English to me, particularly when he says “Baby!” or “All right!”