Big Infinity: Intro


… Big Infinity,  stoner Visionary for hire.

12 responses to “Big Infinity: Intro”

  1. Dave says:

    I don’t get it.

  2. Big Infinity says:

    LOL! I’m still cracking myself up Dave. What is not to get? Big Infinity, stoner for hire, using heightened powers of marijuana reasoning to solve the pressing problems of the ages. Reasonable pricing for advanced stream of consciousness. Cute avatar.

  3. jeremy says:

    I know, sorry, but I agree: what’s not to get? That shit is hilarious. But $200/hour, huh? Seems a little steep…

  4. teenage girl readers with crushes on jeremy says:

    It’s Jeremy! OMG! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    Jeezus, where have you BEEN?

  5. lane says:

    clocking in at 4:19 is almost perfect.

    1 second off, sorry, you blew it.


  6. Big Infinity says:

    3. Jeremy, a Whatsit discount can be extended. Big Infinity will gladly let Whatsit readers sample his intellectual wares for the meager price of ‘we partake of your stash.’ Consultations lasting longer than an extended weekend will incur standard fees. These are bargain rates that will not last.

    5. Lane, your observation is most astute. I will see what can be done to remedy the ‘almost perfect’ video length. Big Infinity will not be all things to all people, but Big Infinity can be most things to some people, and Big Infinity can be some things to most people.

  7. Nat says:

    Big Infinity, You are a true aesthete :) This reminded me of W. Gibson’s “Neuromancer.” Too good, seriously. Almost like E=mc squared. Hey, how about some business exchange: will your barter your “advanced stream of consciousness” in exchange for mine? Oh, and I’m a business woman, I want a contract for that weekend partaking.

  8. Dave says:

    Okay, I posted 1 having only watched ten seconds. Half a J and the whole video later, I like it. (Kidding about the half a J. Do I look like I live in California and work from home?)

  9. Big Infinity says:

    7. Nat, Big Infinity appreciates comparisons to other significant psychonauts. Regarding your inquiry into the mutual exchange of professional services, such an arrangement might be worth trying. Please note, contracts have no meaning to Big Infinity. My services are guaranteed. I only collect fees when a client is 100% satisfied, and I only deal in cash and stash. Repeat customers are my bread and butter, and while my client list is a Top Secret, please know this — it is impressive. I will not share any of the names of intellectual heavy weights and celebrities who partake of my services so that you can know, as a prospective client, that your own confidentiality would be equally guaranteed.

  10. trixie says:

    funny, i was precepting residents in clinic today and they were all gathered around a computer laughing at a little short similar to this (made with the same software, but with a much less adorable avatar ) that one of the residents had made and posted on youtube. it was about patients faking symptoms to get prescribed various controlled substances.
    big infinity, you have some mad skillz.

  11. Nat says:

    “Big Infinity, a stoner visionary for hire,”

    He has a flawless taste in avatars.

    He will untangle your “fuck-ups”, while you fly higher,

    All due to his “ninja-like stoner powers.”

    He digs “historical trends” and meets his deadline,

    “Cash or stash only”, there will be no hash rolling,

    All because” Cosmos gave him a sign”…

    It’s like my favorite pig once said, “It’s a calling, a freaking calling.”

  12. Tim says:

    This is freaking brilliant, and I am not bullsheeting you.